“You have to fix it in advance to go ML…” Quick motion 1.6 → 1.3 invitation, two-seam one pitch → 4 pitches. But can this be done in 10 days?

LG Twins coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop sent several players to the major leagues during his tenure. During his time with Nexen Heroes, he promoted Kang Jung-ho and Park Byung-ho to the Pittsburgh Pirates and Minnesota Twins. During the SK Wyverns days, Kim Gwang-hyun left for St. Louis. Ha-seong Kim, who became the starting shortstop under manager Yeom’s guidance, also joined the San Diego Padres.

Manager Yeom constantly motivates players who can go to the major leagues, and proceeds with appropriate solutions. It is a famous anecdote that Kang Jung-ho and Park Byeong-ho, who were big guns during their base base coaching days, imprinted on the major league team that their feet are not slow by allowing them to steal 20 bases.

LG also has a pitcher who is aiming to advance to the major leagues. They are Go Woo-seok, the king of saves, and Woo-young Jung, the king of holds. Director Yeom is currently guiding Jung Woo-young’s transformation.

Quick motion and monotonous pitches, which were pointed out as weaknesses, are being changed. Jung Woo-young, who allowed as many as 29 stolen bases last year and made only one stolen base, tried to change his quick motion in the off-season, but returned to his old pitching style. And while he allowed three stolen bases earlier in the season, he still had quick-motion concerns.

Jung Woo-young, who entered the quick motion adjustment once again during the season, quickly succeeded in transforming. Director Yeom said, “The quick motion comes out in about 1.35 to 1.40 seconds. At this rate, it is not easy for the opponent to steal the base when Park Dong-won is the catcher.” He then started pitching adjustments.

Jung Woo-young has been pitching mainly on two-seam, mixing sliders and curves a bit. However, he was already in his 5th year, so it was not easy with only two-seam, and he prepared four-seam in the off-season. Director Yeom also made a changeup throw here. On the 25th and 26th, before SSG, I did not let him go to the mound and practiced his changeup. It is not easy to add pitches during the season, but coach Yeom approached Jung Woo-young in a way that does not interfere with pitching. Director Yeom said, “We are throwing a modified splitter. 안전놀이터 You can spread your fingers a little more from the two-seam you were throwing and throw it like a two-seam,” he said. Add four-seam and curve to this. Jung Woo-young, who until last year was virtually the same as throwing only one two-seam, now becomes a pitcher who throws four pitches.

However, it was only in the last 10 days that quick motion adjustments and pitch diversification were made. I started adjusting the quick motion from the 18th, and practiced the splitter this week. It can be seen that the solution was implemented very quickly and easily.

Director Yeom said, “Jung Woo-young’s goal is to go abroad, and to achieve that goal, he must prepare from now on.”

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