Yoo In-goo, Ansok High School Hitting King, 3x Raise, Araez Salary Adjustment Victory

This time, the player won.

Miami Marlins’ Luis Araez, one of the most sophisticated hitters in the major leagues, passed through his demands at the salary adjustment referee.

The Salary Adjustment Committee, which consists of three panels, John Stout, Mark Burstein, and Scott Buckheit, on the 3rd (hereinafter Korean time) compared the salary demands of Araez and the Miami club, and as a result, they sided with Araez. Araez submitted $6.1 million (about 7.5 billion won) and the club submitted $5 million each.

Araez was the American League batting champion last year. He played in 144 games for the Minnesota Twins and posted a batting average of 0.316 (173 hits in 547 at-bats), beating Aaron Judge (0.311), the home run king of the New York Yankees, after a close battle until the end of the season. His annual salary last year was $2,125,000, a three-fold increase this year.

Araez moved to Miami through a trade on the 21st of last month. At the time, Miami gave up key starting pitcher Pablo Lopez, promising infielder Jose Salas, and outfielder Byron Shurio. It means that they saw the value of Araez highly.

He started 61 games at first base, 34 as a designated hitter, and 31 games at second base for Minnesota last year. However, in Miami, he is likely to be fixed at second base. 스포츠토토 Existing second baseman Jazz Chisholm moves to center field.

Araez walked 50 and struck out 43 last year, making him one of the few players with more walks than strikeouts. Last year, out of 130 hitters who exceeded the required at-bat, 10.6% of them were the least likely to miss a ball out of the strike zone. He is a hitter who is seldom fooled by manned pitches.

At the salary adjustment referee that started this month, the club and the player recorded 1-1. The day before, the Seattle Mariners won a salary adjustment judgment against reliever Diego Castillo after the club’s 2.95 million dollars was accepted.

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