‘What is this?’ A bat flies out of nowhere…Kim Tae-gun in pain, Jung-hoon apologizing for his mistake, and the dizzying Friday night championship.

“What is this?” Kim Tae-gun and Lee Kye-sung cried out in pain after being hit by a suddenly flying bat that Jung-hoon let go of after hitting.

In the top of the third inning of the game between Lotte and KIA at KIA Champions Field in Gwangju on Aug. 28, with Lotte trailing 0-3, Jung-hoon, who started the game as the seventh batter and first baseman, came to bat.

After leading off with a single, Jung-hoon took a three-pitch pitch from Lee Yi-ri for a hard hit in front of the pitcher.

There was a scary moment when the ball deflected off Lee’s leg, but luckily it didn’t lead to an injury.

But there was a catch. Jung-hoon let go of the bat after the hit, and the bat went straight to Kim Tae-gun and Lee Kye-sung, causing a potentially life-threatening situation.

Both Kim Tae-gun and Lee Kye-sung left their seats and complained of pain, but were able to return to the game after receiving first aid in the dugout. 먹튀검증

Jung Hoon came to bat in the top of the fourth inning and apologized to Lee Kye-sung and Kim Tae-gun.

Jung-hoon complained of side pain while batting against Incheon SSG on March 16 and was diagnosed with a side muscle tear after a medical examination, so he was sidelined for about a month and a half before the game.

In his first game back after a month and a half, Jung-hoon played well with a three-hit game, but his performance was overshadowed by the team’s 5-6 loss.

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