“Three years ago, Osimen was locked in a hotel for three days”… What happened? why?

If you are asked to pick the hottest striker in Europe this season, you cannot leave out Victor Osimen, the protagonist of Napoli’s storm.

Osimen showed off explosive attack power and led Napoli to Italy’s Serie A championship in 33 years. He is currently the top scorer with 23 goals. He also played a big role in the European Football Association (UEFA) Champions League (UCL).

Love calls from big clubs in Europe are flooding in for Osimen. Manchester United, Real Madrid and Chelsea are strongly linked to Osimen. 메이저놀이터

But can Osimen leave Naples this summer? In order for Osimen to transfer, he has to overcome a big wall. That wall is Cristiano Giuntoli, Napoli’s general manager.

Giuntoli is the main player in Napoli’s victory this season. This is also the general manager of Giuntoli, who signed Osimen from Lille, France to Napoli in 2020. In addition, Kim Min-jae and Hvitza Kvarachhelia, who won the championship this season, are also the works of Giuntoli.

Giuntoli has a style of immersing himself to the point of being obsessed with a player. He was able to bring Osimen in 2020 because his style worked. How persistent was it, Giandomenico Costi, who worked with Giuntoli at the time in 2020, revealed an anecdote at that time through Italy’s ‘Tuttosport’.

According to Costi’s testimony, Osimen, whose potential was recognized in Lille at the time, received offers from many clubs, and there were two teams that were the most active. One team was Napoli and the other was England’s Liverpool. In the end, the competition ended with Napoli’s victory thanks to Giuntoli’s tenacity.

“The Osimen contract is Giuntoli’s greatest masterpiece. Giuntoli knew that Liverpool were interested in Osimen in 2020, and manager Jurgen Klopp also took action. In this situation, Giuntoli’s general manager To convince Osimen, he went to the hotel where he was staying, and they talked for three days. After three days of persuasion, Osimen decided to go to Naples. Osimen was locked in a hotel for three days.”

He continued, “Director Giuntoli is a person full of energy. Director Giuntoli is a person who calls 100 times a day.”

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