The spot where a million dollar foreigner disappeared… No frustration, hope still remains

SSG coach Kim Won-hyung, who finished the schedule for the demonstration game with the game against LG in Jamsil on the 28th, said after the game, “The parts the players prepared on their own before camp continued well until the end of the demonstration game. . I think it is the biggest income.”

However, the new foreign pitcher, left-hander Annie Romero (32), the most important puzzle piece of the mound, was not included in this evaluation. In the end, it was because he failed to stamp his attendance until the end of the demonstration game. A red light came on for SSG’s season concept as well. No matter how strong the domestic starters are, it is unavoidable that anxiety is growing as the opening ceremony begins without a foreign player missing.

SSG replaced both foreign pitchers ahead of this season. Wilmer Font left to challenge the major leagues, and Sean Morrimando gave up on renewing his contract after much consideration. Left-hander Kirk McCarty was picked as a replacement for Morimando. Romero was the player he recruited after agonizing over a replacement for the font. In the first place, it means that McCarty did not expect font-level results. However, Romero, who invested a total of $1 million (guarantee $800,000, incentive $200,000), failed to participate in the opening game.

Romero, who had great expectations as a left-hander capable of throwing a ball as fast as 150 km/h, felt discomfort in his shoulder during a practice game in Okinawa. As a result of a checkup after returning to Korea, a problem was found in his shoulder and he is currently undergoing rehabilitation. Romero reveals his frustration to the extent that he sends the film to his doctor in the US who was in charge of his body and asks him to read it.

Currently, he is in the stage of stopping pitching and receiving injection treatment. Injections don’t just keep getting hit. The program is set in stages. Ultimately, that means taking time. For this reason, SSG has not been able to give a definite answer about the exact time of return. It is at the stage of thinking about various alternatives, but for now, we have no choice but to wait.

Fortunately, left-hander Oh Won-seok (22), who has been in his fourth year, is showing continued growth. Oh Won-seok, who has continuously expanded his position in the first team after debuting in the first team in 2020, played 31 games last year and achieved his first personal regulation innings (144 innings). In Game 4 of the Korean Series, he caught the attention of the SSG coaching staff and fans with his dazzling counterattack. 스포츠토토 What is encouraging is that the graph continues to rise without breaking.

During SSG coach Kim Won-hyeong’s Florida camp, the biggest concern was where to put Oh Won-seok. With Moon Seung-won and Park Jong-hoon joining the normal starting lineup, there was no place in the starting lineup. However, sending him to the bullpen was a waste of the good pace he was currently showing and the time and experience he had invested so far. Coincidentally, as Romero entered the injured list, Oh Won-seok’s place was created. And Oh Won-seok threw the ball up to 148 km in the game against LG in Jamsil on the 28th and recorded 5 scoreless innings, relieving the bench.

SSG has a strong presence called Kim Gwang-hyun, who has skills comparable to foreign players. Despite Romero’s injury, it’s practically the same as using two foreign players. Here, if Oh Won-seok shows more skills than last year, he can do more than 5 starters.

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