The puzzling position of ‘Little Lee Jung-hoo’, where will it settle

It is still unfinished and it is difficult to estimate how much it will grow.. However, everyone recognizes the talent itself. What will be the final position of Kim Min-seok (19), who is called ‘Little Lee Jung-hoo’?

Kim Min-seok, who was nominated as the 3rd overall pick in the first round of the Lotte Giants this year, joined the spring camp this year with expectations in many ways, such as being dispatched to the 2022-2021 Australian professional baseball Geelong Korea.

Kim Min-seok’s batting talent itself had a reputation for being excellent. Even while digesting the first training turn of spring camp, everyone had no doubts about Kim Min-seok’s bat talent. Head coach Park Heung-shik and hitting coach also praised Kim Min-seok’s talent, saying, “He has good qualities.”

However, in order for Kim Min-seok to settle down in the first team, it depended on where to settle the Sufi position. First of all, Kim Min-seok’s position has not yet been settled. He’s listed as an outfielder on the spring camp roster, but he’s geared up to play both the infield and the outfield.

That’s why Minseok Kim’s day is busy. He sometimes gets early work or extra training as an infielder. But sometimes he gets early and extra training as an outfielder. Kim Min-seok is testing his potential in various positions.

Right now, Lotte is shouting ‘Win Now’ this year. In the past, at least 2-3 years ago, Lotte, which focused on training, allowed Kim Min-seok to gain experience in various positions. In his high school years, he developed his value as a shortstop, but at his pro level, he has to be judged harshly.

What is the evaluation of Kim Min-seok, who is currently training both infield and outfield? Defensive coach Moon Kyu-hyeon, who is in charge of this year’s intense infield fungo, said, “I think we need to watch it a little longer,” and put the evaluation on hold, saying, “I think it’s still difficult to judge hastily.”

However, outfield defense coach Jeon Jun-ho, who is in charge of outfield defense, had a more positive opinion. Coach Jeon said, “I am a player who has never seen the outfield in earnest, so now I am teaching mainly basic skills. He said, 먹튀검증 “It’s a position he hasn’t played before, so you have to do it first to know.” Still, he is trying to change his mind by letting us know that there are many players who have hit the FA jackpot as an outfielder,” he explained.

However, Kim Min-seok’s mind itself has not yet been decided. Hitting coach Park Heung-sik said, “Kim Min-seok’s swing trajectory itself is fine. He showed anticipation, saying, “I have a weakness for the body in terms of the swing mechanism, but why not show why I got a good evaluation in high school.”

Even though there is favorable reviews for the batting and regrets about the defense, it is difficult to conclude the future because the defensive position has not yet been established. Where will the position of Kim Min-seok, which Lotte boasts and is evaluated as able to create a better future, settle down?

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