The charges were cleared, but… Greenwood, whether or not to return as a player is ‘unknown’

All charges against Mason Greenwood have been dropped.

A young boy was included in the 2018 Manchester United first team list. The boy, born in 2001, showed rapid growth, scoring 22 goals in his Premier League career and seemed to be in charge of Manchester United’s future.

The boy’s name is Greenwood. For his young age, he has won the hearts of United fans with his powerful and quick-timed shooting abilities.

But in February of last year, Greenwood was arrested for assault and rape of his girlfriend, and United fans’ hopes were disappointing. Sponsors who supported Greenwood, such as Nike, all at once cut ties, and Greenwood’s career seemed to end here. 바카라사이트

However, on the 2nd, local media reported that all charges against Greenwood had been dropped. According to this, it can be seen that the possibility of returning to Greenwood’s player has arisen.

However, as it is a sensitive matter locally, Manchester United said in a statement that they would conduct their own investigation.

Although he has been cleared of charges, nothing has been confirmed as to whether Greenwood will return as a player. I am interested in what the future of Greenwood will be like.

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