The background of Klinsmann’s appointment as ‘4 years’ and unable to explain ‘4 seconds’

The Korea Football Association (Football Association) did not clearly reveal the background of the appointment of manager Jurgen Klinsmann (58, Germany). I still don’t know if I’m avoiding words or if I can’t speak because I don’t know.

On the 27th, the Korea Football Association said, “Coach Klinsman was appointed as the new coach of the national soccer team. His contract period is about 3 years and 5 months from March 2023 to the 2026 World Cup finals in North and Central America.” He added, “Salary and details are confidential, and manager Klinsman has promised to live in Korea during his tenure.”

The very next day, on the 28th, Michael Müller, head of the National Team Power Reinforcement Committee of the Football Association, held a press conference at the Soccer Hall and told the association’s position on the appointment of Klinsmann as coach. First of all, he said, “I am happy to have Klinsman appointed as the new head coach of the Korean national team. I want to have a successful day with coach Klinsman as soon as possible.” 메이저사이트

Chairman Müller said, “A total of 61 candidates were selected by the committee. Of these, 28 were selected. 28 people were filtered again to 5 people, and 5 candidates were contacted through online interviews from January 30th to February 1st. As a result, we narrowed down the final two candidates, and finally appointed Klinsman.”

This is a series of steps. Then, what is the reason why Klinsman was entrusted with the baton among 61 candidates? Chairman Müller gave only ambiguous answers to this question. He said, “Coach Klinsman is a good person and has a strong personality. He had a lot of attractive parts.”

No tactical talk was brought up at all. Chairman Müller said, “Coach Klinsman really wanted the position of coach of the Korean national team. Motivation to develop and succeed with the Football Association was greater than other candidates. He was favorable to Korean football and life in Korea. So I decided that he was the most suitable person for the Korean national team.”

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