Suwon’s next manager? Why not curious

Suwon Samsung is looking for a new manager Lee Byeong-geun. Suwon is currently looking for candidates, saying they will appoint them as early as possible. Everyone knows that the ‘Real Blue’ strategy was abandoned. However, Suwon fans are not getting the consent.

Suwon fans see that the front desk is using the change of manager as a shield. In other words, the front desk without ambition tries to cover up their incompetence by appointing and changing managers who are easy to handle.

In Suwon, everything was the best when Samsung Electronics, which claimed the first place, was in charge. There was no shortage of coaches, player salaries, bonuses, training facilities, etc. That was what Samsung was like, and that gave birth to numerous trophies. However, from 2014, the right to operate the club was transferred to Cheil Worldwide. Instead of a parent company that directly provides abundant funds, a place that conducts advertising business with support from the parent company has the right to control the club. Cheil Worldwide, which had to earn small amounts of money in various places while surviving with the help of Samsung Electronics, had no reason to aggressively run a soccer team that was less effective than the money it spent. All the clubs with the Samsung logo were weakened regardless of the sport. Not only football, but also baseball, basketball, volleyball, and other professional teams bearing the Samsung name are at the bottom.

What the Suwon soccer team needs to do now is not to appoint a manager. Prior to that, through detailed and strategic discussions with Cheil Worldwide, how to run the club in the future, which direction to lead the club, which one to set as the future vision, how much money to spend, etc. must be established first. do.

Suwon’s team collapsed a lot. Most of the players have grown into elite players since they were young, so they are very quick to notice. Clever players know whether the manager is strong, what the relationship between the club and the manager is like, 메이저사이트 and whether the manager is a leader worth following. If the manager has power and the club and the manager work closely together in the same direction, the manager’s leadership can be strong and the players’ followership can be maintained at a certain level. If the cooperative structure between the manager and the club collapses, it will be difficult for even the best coach to find a team. Coach Lee Byeong-geun treated the players with an emotional yet honest mind rather than strong leadership and control. The clever players did not fully follow coach Lee Byung-geun. Manager Lee Byung-geun’s resignation was lacking in himself, but the club, unable to create a vision for the future and buried in futile administration, may have to take greater responsibility.

If Suwon rushes to appoint a manager and brings in a mediocre leader, Suwon will face another crisis. Even if you bring in an outstanding manager, unless the club changes, that manager is also likely to not last long. Presenting a future vision, reestablishing the club management policy, and preparing a fundamental reform plan are the most important and most urgent things that Suwon has to do. What is the reform plan that the soccer team has promised to prepare? The fate of Suwon depended on it.

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