“Surprised” in “Spinning the Ball”, “As expected of a Brazilian” in actual battle, “Pohang freshman” Oberdan with heavy shoulders

From the 2023 season, the K-League changed the foreigner quota rule from ‘3+1’ to ‘5+1’ for the first division only. However, it was decided to keep the participation rate at 3+1. The decision was made to match the rules to the ‘Asian Standard’ to enhance the competitiveness of teams advancing to the Asian Champions League. While most teams are actively filling foreign quotas, Pohang Steelers is aiming for maximum efficiency compared to investment. It was decided to keep the foreign quota at 3+1. Excluding Wandelsson and Asia Quarterly Grant, they recruited two (Zecca and Oberdan).

Among them, Oberdan ‘listened’ to coach Kim Ki-dong during the field training in Hanoi, Vietnam. He showed a somewhat lacking ability when performing ‘spinning the ball’, which can measure basic skills and soccer sense. An official from the club explained, “If a newly recruited player fails to build trust with his teammates in basic things, his organizational skills will be cracked.” 바카라사이트

However, as the practice game unfolded, a thin smile bloomed on coach Kim’s face. He played the role that coach Kim wanted, such as his change of direction and smooth connection of offense and defense. It is said that coach Kim praised him as “as expected of a Brazilian.”

In fact, Oberdan’s shoulders were heavy. This is because they have to fill the gap between two key resources lost through transfer, Shin Jin-ho and Lee Soo-bin. Coach Kim allowed Lee Soo-bin to move to Jeonbuk without questioning Shin Jin-ho’s stay. However, ‘Ace’ Shin Jin-ho suddenly had a change of heart and left for Incheon, so coach Kim lost the K-League’s best playmaker. Their roles should be replaced by Oberdan and Lee Seung-mo. However, Lee Seung-mo’s ankle, which was injured last year, is a factor of concern. Shin Kwang-hoon and Park Seung-wook’s option to change positions is the last resort.

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