‘Strengthening control over foreign substances’ Pitcher suffering era → ERA expected to rise sharply

Several rules will change in the 2023 season. This is not good for most pitchers. In addition, it is expected that the palm inspection for pitchers will be stricter.

The Athletic of the United States announced on the 24th (Korean time) that the Major League Secretariat will encourage referees to strengthen crackdowns on the use of foreign substances by pitchers.

This means that the crackdown on the use of foreign substances against pitchers will be strengthened. It is likely to be more powerful than before. More often, more strictly.

According to this media, the average number of rotations of four-seam fastballs by major league pitchers increased to 2324 right before the illegal pitch test, and then dropped to 2240 right after the test.

However, the Major League Secretariat focused on the fact that the number of rotations increased as the season progressed last year. It is said that the rotation speed increased by taking advantage of the gap when the inspection was loosened. 바카라사이트

In response, the MLB Secretariat ordered umpires to crack down on the use of foreign substances more stringently. The pitcher’s four-seam fastball spin rate is likely to drop.

After examining the pitcher’s hands, the referee will additionally check the hat, glove, belt, etc. if foreign substances are suspected.

The major leagues made it difficult for pitchers in the 2023 season by expanding the size of the base, limiting pitching time, limiting the number of checks, and limiting defensive shifts.

Added to this is the strengthening of the crackdown on the use of foreign substances. As a result, pitchers’ ERA is expected to rise significantly.

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