The Center for Sports Ethics has decided to request disciplinary action against the director and coach of the youth team of Gimpo FC, where a youth player died last year, and some colleagues.

The Center for Sports Ethics announced on the 6th, “We recognized the seriousness of the issue in relation to the ‘death case of a youth player in event A’, which was received in May of last year at the first deliberation committee in 2023.”

This incident occurred in the youth team of Gimpo FC in April of last year. At the time, victim student A was found dead in front of the dormitory building for the Lee Gimpo FC youth team. Afterwards, the bereaved family of Group A posted a post on the Blue House national petition bulletin board, and the fact was known.

According to the petition at the time, Group A made an extreme choice by falling from the 4th floor of the soccer club dormitory, leaving a will of 5 sheets of A4 paper.

The Sports Ethics Center said, “We conducted an investigation of all the witnesses three years ago, and the victim’s junior high school fellow athlete’s bullying, the coach’s negligence, and the coach and coach gave high school students a violation of the rules of life by confiscating cell phones and shaving their hair. We confirmed the fact that he punished and verbally abused him,” explaining the background of the decision to request disciplinary action. 안전놀이터

At the Sports Ethics Center’s deliberation committee held on the 3rd, 35 proposed agendas were deliberated, including 14 cases in the field of sports human rights and 21 cases in the field of sports corruption. The main agenda was the Gimpo FC youth team incident.

According to the Center for Sports Ethics, Group A listed the names of a total of 10 people, including 2 youth team coaches, 6 players, and 2 soccer team players from middle school, through a mobile phone message on the day of his death. At the same time, Group A left a message saying, “I will curse these people even if they die” and “I feel the urge to commit suicide or murder every time because of discrimination and verbal violence.”

The Sports Ethics Center said, “The deliberation committee acknowledged violations of basic rights such as physical freedom and privacy, and verbal abuse.” We asked related organizations to recommend improvement of the system and education to prevent human rights violations such as bullying.”

Jeong So-yeon, chairman of the Sports Human Rights Subcommittee of the Deliberation Committee, said, “The discipline of underage players must be done in an educational way. Acts such as confiscating cell phones, having them shave their heads, and swearing are clear violations of human rights.” It should not be tolerated for any reason,” he explained the background of the decision.