‘Spain Phil Jones’ Head First Tackle Concerns Over ‘Career-Shortening Behavior’

Seniors and some fans applauded the ‘fighting spirit’ after watching FC Barcelona’s top-class prospect Gaby (18)’s ‘Head First Tackle’. Not everyone thought the same. Some point out that it is an act that shortens one’s career.

On the 13th (Korean time), Gabi stuck his head in to win the ball during a competition with an opponent in the 26th round of the Spanish Primera Liga in the 2022-2023 season with Athletic Club held in San Mames, Bilbao, Spain.

Born in 2004, Gabi’s ‘brave’ behavior caught the attention of fans at once. He was seen as a young player who didn’t sacrifice himself for the team. He also applauded Barcelona senior Carles Puyol, who was ‘the epitome of fighting spirit’. 세븐 토토

Gabi has shown this ‘head first tackle’ several times with the Spanish national team and Barcelona. The spirit of winning the ball with his head if he can’t use his feet has become a keyword that symbolizes Gabi.

English media compared Garvey to Manchester United centre-back Phil Jones. Jones, who has now been reduced to an out-of-power player, was famous for his throwing play when he was active as a starting center back.

There was also concern about this behavior of Gabi, who is in the midst of growing up. According to ‘The Sun’, a fan said, “I don’t mean to give a negative opinion, but if Gabi continues to play like this, his career will almost certainly be cut short.”

In a situation where head injuries (concussions) of players have recently emerged as a major issue in the soccer world, they are concerned about head injuries that can be fatal to a player’s life. Even on this day, if the opposing player hadn’t seen Gaby’s head, he could have been hit with his head.

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