Seongnam unveils 2023 season uniform with team color ‘black-white’ applied

Seongnam FC unveiled the home & away uniforms for the 2023 season with UMBRO, a traditional British football brand.

Based on the team colors of Seongnam, black (home) and white (away), this uniform projected the solid and fighting team image of Seongnam FC for the 2023 season on Umbro’s unique heritage pattern, and changed each with a different neck design.

The home uniform has an armor-shaped pattern applied to the front, revealing the solid image of Seongnam this season and expressing the direction of the team moving forward. In particular, a black mini hatch was added to the white collar neck to give a classic feel, and the diamond pattern on the sleeve was emphasized by using black ‘tone on tone color’. On the back of the neck, a simple logo design representing Seongnam FC in Korean was added to add style.

The away uniform gave a luxurious image by giving gold points based on white color. A thin vertical stripe pattern was applied to the front, and a diamond pattern on the sleeves was applied in gold to give a point. In addition, unlike the home uniform, the round neck was applied to preserve both design and convenience. 메이저사이트

The goalkeeper uniform used a dark apple green color for home and pink color for away. It was replaced with a more intense and vivid color than the existing color to capture the strong team image, and Seongnam’s black and white point colors were added to the neckline to capture the club’s identity.

The Seongnam FC Marketing Communications Team said, “This uniform gives a simple and luxurious feeling with the team logo emphasized overall along with Umbro’s unique patterns. I put my heart into what I want to be.”

Seongnam will pre-sale the uniforms for three days from 3:00 pm on February 17th to the 19th through the club’s official online shopping mall. The pre-sold quantity will be shipped sequentially from February 24th.

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