‘Scorer’ SON openly ignored? “Tottenham is nothing without Kane”

A veteran footballer from West Ham predicted the summer transfer of ‘Tottenham Ace’ Harry Kane.

Scottish native Frank McEverney (64), who played for West Ham and Celtic in the 1980s and 1990s, predicted Kane’s future through the British media’Football Insider’ on the 10th (Korean time).

He first said, “Tottenham would be nothing without Kane,” and predicted that the damage Tottenham would suffer if Kane transfers this summer would be beyond imagination. It is a remark that ignores the existence of Son Heung-min, who was the EPL top scorer last season and recently scored 100 EPL goals in his personal career. 먹튀검증

McEverney continued: “Kane has had enough time at Tottenham. It’s time to leave. He loves Tottenham, but he has to play for trophies. United are on a winning streak. Kane doesn’t think he can win titles at United. That’s it,” he said, linking Kane with Manchester United.

McAberney advised that if Kane, who is ‘irreplaceable’, leaves, Tottenham will have to spend a lot of money to fill Kane’s void.

‘Football Insider’ reported on the 3rd that Kane told a close acquaintance that he would not sign an extension with Tottenham.

Tottenham and Kane enter their ‘final year’ this summer, but neither side has yet signed an extension.

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