Sasaki who broke through the ‘strong wind’ of 17m per second… ’12K’ masterpiece, engraved in the history of the club

A strong wind blew so much that the hat was blown off and the powder used to paint the batter box visibly blew away. The conditions are so poor that I wonder if I can play baseball in this situation. However, the pitching of Rocky Sasaki (Chiba Lotte Marines) had no effect at all.

Roki Sasaki started the 2023 Japan Professional Baseball Softbank Hawks home match held at ZOZO Marine Stadium in Chiba, Japan on the 5th (Korean time) and pitched ‘no hit’ with 89 pitches, 12 strikeouts, 1 walk and no runs in 5 innings. presented. He could not accumulate victories as he was not supported by the batting line, but it was a dominant pitch.

On this day, a strong wind blew through ZOZO Marine Stadium. Japan’s ‘Nikkan Sports’ said, “At the start of the game, the anemometer showed 17m. It was the 24th game since joining the pros, but I was embarrassed by the unprecedented strong wind that I had never experienced before. I pitched with a forkball and slider, but the breaking ball As he bent more, he had difficulty controlling his pitch. Sasaki fought against the wind,” he explained, explaining how he climbed the mound under adverse conditions.

However, even the strongest winds in history could not stop Sasaki from going ahead. Sasaki did not hit a single hit while throwing 5 innings, and succeeded in dropping an average ERA of 1.00 to 0.84 by blocking Softbank lineups with a fast ball of up to 161 km.

The biggest reason I couldn’t digest many innings was because of the first inning. Sasaki threw 26 pitches in one inning alone, including a walk after leading hitter Akira Nakamura in a match that went as far as 10 pitches. However, the first inning was the first and last inning he struggled with. Sasaki’s perfect pitching started in the second inning.

In the second inning, Sasaki struck out Ryoya Kurihara-Willians’ Astudillo in a row, and turned Kawase Hikaru with a ground ball to second baseman, marking the first three-way strike. In the third inning, a runner was sent out with a strike not out, but there was no particular crisis. Sasaki struck out all of the main batting lines leading to Kensuke Kondo, Yuki Yanagita, and Kurihara in the 4th inning, and also blocked the 5th inning with a three-way strike. 메이저사이트

According to ‘Nikkan Sports’, Sasaki looked back on the game after the game, saying, “I couldn’t throw rhythmically because the number of pitches increased. He showed regret for not being able to throw long innings, but Sasaki left a name in the history of the club with a game that struck out 12 in 5 innings that day.

Sasaki, who accumulated 12 strikeouts in 5 innings and scored the most strikeouts in a game this season, had his 11th double-digit strikeout game in his personal career. was named in

‘Giji News’ said, “Sasaki overwhelmed his opponent with an average ERA of 0.76 in 12 games at home last season. And this year, he pitched flawlessly with 25 scoreless innings in 4 games, and showed a strikeout show at the home stadium in front of a full crowd.” “I couldn’t record a win or loss, but I showed a heroic figure on Children’s Day,” he raised his thumb.

Sasaki went 3-0 in 5 games this season with an average ERA of 0.84 and became the first pitcher to strike out 50 strikeouts in both the Pacific League and Central League. There are various competitors such as Tatsuya Imai (4G 3 wins ERA 1.33), Takahashi Kona (5G 3 wins 1 loss ERA 1.50), Yamamoto Yoshinobu (4G 2 wins 2 losses ERA 1.78), “Sawamura-san” is also worth aiming for.

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