Poor officiating → 3 PKs allowed in 4 games…’Kim Jung-ho’ Ok et al.

South Korea has been placed on ‘penalty kick alert’.

The South Korea Under-20 National Team defeated Ecuador 3-2 in the round of 16 at the FIFA U-20 World Cup 2023 on Sunday (Feb. 2) at the Santiago del Estero Stadium in Argentina. South Korea has reached the quarterfinals for the second consecutive tournament, joining Poland four years ago. This is the first time in South Korean soccer history. It is also the “only” Asian team in the quarterfinals of the tournament. South Korea will face Nigeria in the quarterfinals at 2:30 a.m. on Friday.

South Korea won one and drew two of their three group games. Kim Eun-joong-ho became the first player in South Korean soccer history to finish an U-20 tournament “unbeaten. The team scored four goals and conceded three in three games, playing practical soccer.

There was an ‘Oketi’. It conceded a penalty kick. South Korea conceded a penalty for the first time in their Group F match against France. It was the 20th minute of the second half when South Korea led 2-0. Goalkeeper Kim Jun-hong, who was trying to punch away an opponent’s cross, was brought down by the shoulder of Malamine Efekele, who was charging in for a header. As the cross sailed out of his reach, the referee decided that Kim had fouled Efekele. He showed Kim a yellow card and awarded France a penalty kick. South Korea conceded a penalty kick in the 25th minute of the second half to kicker Alain Birginius. It was a close call, but it didn’t change the outcome.

South Korea also conceded a goal on penalties in their second group game against Honduras. At 0-0, Choi Seok-hyun and Daniel Carter collided. The referee didn’t call a foul, but the video assistant referee (VAR) awarded a penalty kick. Kicker David Ochoa converted the penalty. Kim Jun-hong got a touch on the ball, but it went in. After conceding the first goal, South Korea managed to hold on for a 2-2 draw.

Kim Eun-jung-ho’s penalty-kick nightmare continued. It continued in the first game of the knockout stage against Ecuador. Korea was up 2-0 when Kendry Paez was fouled in the 31st minute. Paes was pushed down by Park Chang-woo, and the referee awarded a penalty via VAR. Ecuador scored in the 36th minute when Justin Cuero stepped up to take the penalty. 먹튀검증

South Korea has conceded penalties in three of its four matches at the tournament. There were two penalty shootouts in the previous seven round of 16 matches. The England-Italy match was decided on penalties, with the Italians scoring a penalty to win 2-1. The Gambia-Uruguay match also saw two players sent off. This is something South Korea should take note of.

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