Only 3 players with 10 or more league goals… Arsenal’s greatest strength

One of Arsenal’s strengths is that the score distribution is good.

Arsenal’s performance this season has exceeded expectations. Even before the season, it was mentioned as a candidate for the top 4, but not many saw it as a team to compete for the championship. Coach Mikel Arteta’s football was firmly established, and recruits such as Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchenko performed well, consistently producing good results. After 27 matches, they are currently in first place, beating second-place Manchester City by five points.

The overall texture, teamwork between players, and defensive power are also strengths, but the offense is also excellent. He is second on the team in scoring with 62 goals in 27 games. There is only a five-goal gap with Manchester City in first place. What is more encouraging is that the scores are evenly distributed. Instead of relying on one player, several players alternately scored goals, making Arsenal’s attack more diverse and difficult to block.

There are three players who have scored 10 or more goals in the league. Gabriel Martinelli is the top scorer on the team with 12 goals, exploding his potential. Bukayo Saka scored 10 goals and ‘midfield nucleus’ Martin Odegard also scored 10 goals. Arsenal is the only team to have more than one player scoring 10 or more goals. In addition, Jesus scored 5 goals, and Eddie Nketia and Rhys Nelson, who were evaluated as bench resources, scored 4 and 3 goals, respectively. 메이저놀이터

Center backs such as Gabriel Magalyangis and William Saliba also contributed to scoring. Thanks to this, Arsenal were able to use various attack routes to overwhelm their opponents. Man City and Tottenham, who have first and second place in the scoring rankings, Elling Holland (28 goals) and Harry Kane (20 goals), respectively, have strong strikers, so they are reassuring, but when they are blocked, their scoring ability is somewhat disappointing.

Arsenal was able to achieve results by adding scoring power with differentiated attack power. It is Arsenal who will score goals in various attacking ways with a trio that has scored more than 10 goals in the rest of the season.

With 11 games left in the season, it is too early to predict the championship. Still, if the current trend continues, Arsenal will be able to lift the English Premier League (EPL) trophy for the first time in 19 years since the 2003-04 season.

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