Ohtani took the ball out of the umpire’s pocket and threw it, why?

Japanese major leaguer Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels), who is active in the American professional baseball major league, is drawing attention from fans.

Ohtani heard an explanation of the ‘pitch clock’ in a game against Seattle held at T-Mobile Park in Seattle, Washington on the 6th.

On this day, Ohtani violated the “pitch clock” introduced in the big leagues this year one after another as a pitcher and hitter. This is also the first record in the major leagues since he doubled as a pitcher.

According to the ‘pitch clock’ rule introduced by the MLB Secretariat to shorten game time this season, pitchers must pitch within 15 seconds if there is no runner and within 20 seconds even if there is a runner. In addition, the batter must assume a batting posture unconditionally 8 seconds before the ‘pitch clock’ ends.

If the pitcher violates this, ‘one ball’ is automatically given, and if the batter violates this, ‘strike’ is automatically awarded. 온라인카지노

During the game, Ohtani, who was asking questions along with Angels manager Phil Nevin and an interpreter about this, suddenly responded to a voice from the ground. He took a ball out of the umpire’s pocket and threw it on the ground.

Sports Nippon explained the situation, saying, “The umpire was explaining to the three people, but the Seattle side did not have a pitching practice ball.” Hearing Seattle’s voice, Ohtani took out the ball and threw it.

Fans who saw this reacted enthusiastically on the web. Sports Nippon reported the fans’ reaction to this. “The kind Ohtani who realizes that the opposing pitcher has no ball and hands him the ball”, “The good side of Ohtani’s personality comes out from the expression ‘Huh?’ I see it many times. And it’s good to go back to the conversation.”

On this day, Ohtani won the victory with 6 innings and 1 run and even a wedge.

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