NYY Lightning ‘Second Pavano?’ Rodon expected to return mid-June

The expected return of Carlos Rodon (31), who signed a six-year, $162 million (approximately 216.3 billion won) contract with the New York Yankees last winter, is getting pushed back.

On the 24th (Korean time), NJ.com of the United States reported on Rodon’s physical condition and expected time of return, which he left due to forearm and back injuries.

According to this, Rodon was diagnosed with no structural problems as a result of a recent CT scan. However, he added that a back injury is delaying Rodon’s return.

In addition, he mentioned that a best-case scenario would be Rodon’s return in mid-June. It is mid-June, not April or May. Blowing out most of the first half.

Previously, Rodon suffered a left forearm injury ahead of the season opener. Added to this is a back injury. As a result, the expected return time is gradually being pushed back. 메이저사이트

Rodon, who will be in his 9th year in the major leagues, did not win a big contract because he did not have confidence in his physical condition despite his outstanding performance with the Chicago White Sox in the 2021 season.

After that, Rodon threw 178 innings in 31 games for the San Francisco Giants last year, going 14-8 with an ERA of 2.88. 237 strikeouts.

In the end, Rodon won a contract of the size he wanted, but since the first season, he has been unable to play many games due to injury. Of course, this was easily predictable.

In the US, the case of Carl Pavano, who only played 26 games for four years due to injury after signing with the New York Yankees in the mid-2000s, is already being discussed.

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