‘No. 1 helper’ leading Daejeon offensive football Jin-Hyun Lee “My mission is not to miss the opportunity”

Lee Jin-hyun is leading the offensive football of Daejeon Hana Citizen.

Daejeon, which played the 5th round of Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 at Daejeon World Cup Stadium on the 1st, won 3-2 against FC Seoul. Daejeon, which won against Seoul for the first time in about 19 years since 2004, rose to second place with three points. The points are tied with Pohang Steelers, but with the best firepower (11 goals) in the league, they have an advantage in scoring.

Lee Jin-hyun’s credit for the victory in Daejeon after a slugfest was also there. In the 21st minute of the first half, Lee Jin-Hyeon’s corner kick went straight to Jo Yoo-Min. Jo Yoo-min’s header hit the ground and bounced into the goal post. Director Lee Min-seong, who attended the press conference after the game, praised Lee Jin-hyun, saying, “I had a good kick today.”

Lee Jin-hyun, who met with reporters in the mixed zone after the game, said, “I normally don’t take the left corner kick, but at that time (Lee) Hyun-shik wasn’t there, so I took it. I tried to do it. It happened that (Cho) Yu-min hyung came in well and connected it with a header shot, so it was a goal.

Lee Jin-hyun, who added one help that day, recorded 5 games, 1 goal and 3 assists. Round 5 has not yet ended, but as of the end of the Daejeon match, Lee Jin-hyun is tied for first place in assists and attack points in the league. More than a third of Daejeon’s 11 goals came from Lee Jin-hyun’s feet.

Regarding this, Lee Jin-hyun said, “It’s still in the early stages, so I don’t attach much importance to it. My personal wish was to have about 5 attack points in the first half. If I keep working humbly in every game, I think the results will follow.”  먹튀검증

He continued, “It’s a part I can’t miss because I’m in an offensive position. I won’t just aim for the attack point, but it’s my job to devote myself to the team and not miss it when the opportunity comes. I need to prepare better.”

Daejeon, which was promoted after finishing second in the K-League 2 last season, is currently in second place in the K-League 1. Although they are performing better than expected, Lee is not letting down his guard, anticipating that the other teams will come to a critical moment when they catch up on the match and face it again.

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