NC, in celebration of Children’s Day, the home KIA exhibition ‘Doguri Day’ will be held on the 5th

NC Dinos prepared a special event for Children’s Day.

NC announced on the 1st, “From the 5th to the 7th, the weekend home game series against the KIA Tigers held at Changwon NC Park will welcome fans with various events and entertainment for children and family-level visitors.”

First of all, on the 5th, Children’s Day, ‘Doguri Day’ is held to meet NCsoft’s character brand, Douguri. On this day, at the family park in front of Changwon NC Park, a mini-baseball experience zone where you can experience pitching, batting, and bunting will welcome fans from 11:00 am, and an NC Futures player autograph session and photo time event will be held for Junior Dinos members.

In Changwon NC Park, abundant events await children’s fans. At each gate upon entry, stickers printed with Toguri are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. In the concourse on the 1st floor, there is a ‘Toguri and Catch Ball’ event where you can get a gift if you catch a color ball within a limited time, and a ‘Toguri Doll Draw’ event where you can get a Toguri stuffed toy and a keyring doll in the machine. Tarot amulets are also made at the ‘Doguri Fortune Salon’, and fans who participate in the East-West-South-North game receive a keyring on a first-come, first-served basis if they certify their YouTube subscription.

There are also events that you can participate in through SNS. If you take a Polaroid photo with a Toguri statue at the Toguri Photo Zone and upload it to your SNS, you will receive a Toguuri uniform and a Toguuri hat as a gift by lottery. If you post a picture related to Toguri on your SNS, you will receive a lottery coin, and anyone who participates in the Lucky Draw can also receive various goods related to Toguri.

On the ground before the game, a mini sports day will be held in which Junior Dinos selected by prior application will be divided into ‘Doguri Team’ and ‘Dandi Team’ with NC players such as Park Min-woo, Koo Chang-mo, and Kim Young-gyu. In addition, the chance to experience catch ball in the outfield and the high five of Seungri, where you can high-five NC players who are starting out, present unforgettable memories with child fans.

The pitching and pitching that opens the game on this day will be taken by an NC family fan selected as an event to apply for a story on the official account of Douguri. Jeon Ji-yoon, a child who dreams of becoming a baseball power analyst, throws the first pitch, and all of his fathers pray for NC’s victory with the sipo.

In commemoration of Toguri Day, various products are also introduced. Tooluri uniforms and hats worn by the team, as well as tooluri doll headbands, tooluri baseball badges, and tooluri baseball keyrings can be purchased at the online and offline team stores from 11:00 am on the 5th. 먹튀검증

The weekend games on the 6th and 7th are also full of things to enjoy. At Yangil Family Park, a food truck and a flea market are operated as a tailgating event, and a baseball experience zone where you can experience baseball directly is opened to give you joy before entering. Catch ball held before the game, Seungri’s high-five event, and a player signing event that any NC fan can apply for are also waiting for fans.

The last day, the 7th, is held as 365 Barun Promise Dental Sponsor Day. Fans visiting Changwon NC Park on this day will receive an Osstem Beausen travel toothbrush kit (1,000 pieces on a first-come, first-served basis) as a gift upon entry. If you participate in a special event held in the middle of an inning, you can also receive an Osstem Wapik Combo Oral Irrigator.

Meanwhile, detailed event information and pre-registration related to Tooluri Day and weekend home games can be made on the official NC club app.

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