Morocco, who also supports Egypt, Arsenal MF “Arab representative Morocco supports them”

Morocco challenges World Cup history. Morocco, which is aiming to advance to the semifinals for the first time as an African team, is receiving support from Arabs as well as Africans.

Morocco is the only African team to reach the quarterfinals of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. As the only surviving team, Morocco looks to advance to the final with the first African team to advance to the semifinals.

Morocco’s challenge 안전놀이터 follows the support of many supporters. Not only the African continent to which Morocco belongs, but also people of Islamic culture and Arabs from the Middle East and Africa have supported Morocco.

Even Egypt, which has something in common with Muslim culture and Arabs, is cheering for Morocco. Arsenal midfielder Mohammed Elneni, who plays for the Egyptian national team, delivered a message of support to Morocco through an interview with National News.

He is rooting for Arab teams even while training at Arsenal during the World Cup break. “It’s a great World Cup with a lot of surprises. The Arab teams have done a great job and really entertained us,” said Elneny. Saudi Arabia’s defeat of Argentina, Iran’s victory over Wales and Tunisia’s victory over France are all achievements by Arab teams that Elneni is proud of.

In particular, the race in Morocco, which reached the quarterfinals, seems to have made a lot of impression on him. Morocco beat Spain in the round of 16 to advance to the quarterfinals. “Morocco represents all Arabs. They make us very happy. We support them in the upcoming matches. Allah wills (Inshallah),” he wished for Morocco’s victory.

Meanwhile, regarding teammate Gabriel Jesus, who returned to Arsenal after suffering an injury in the World Cup, Elneny wished him a speedy recovery, saying, “We all love and support him. As a player and as a person, I wish him a speedy recovery.”

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