Memories and rants recalled by the ‘legend’… “There are better things than Park Dong-won and Yoo Kang-nam”

LG Battery coach Park Kyung-wan, considered the best catcher in the history of the KBO League, was recalling memories of 25 years ago while watching a player. The player coach Park is looking at is Park Dong-won (33), who signed a free agent (FA) contract ahead of this season and wore an LG uniform.

Coach Park made his debut at Ssangbangwool and moved to Hyundai in 1998. Coach Park laughed, saying, “I remember being surprised by the pitchers’ pitches when I first came to Hyundai from Ssangbangbang,” and guessed that Park Dong-won would also be spending the camp with such unfamiliarity and anticipation.

The LG mound is the highest level in the league recognized by both players and players. Of course, there were good pitchers in the former teams Kiwoom and KIA, but Coach Park speculates that there will be another ‘excitement’ as a catcher in LG, which has a deep player base overall. Catcher is also a position that cooks the ingredients of pitcher according to the situation. Park Dong-won’s burden and worries will be just as deep, but it is clear that there will also be a sense of accomplishment.

Prior to this season, LG’s main catcher Yoo Kang-nam left the team after signing a 4-year, 8 billion won free agent contract with Lotte. LG also made great efforts to catch Yoo Gang-nam, but could not follow Lotte’s proposal in a situation where the salary cap, which will be enforced from 2023, is tight. Instead, he signed a four-year, 6.5 billion won contract with Park Dong-won, who was also regarded as the best catcher in the free agent market. In other words, the main catcher has changed through FA. This is an important point that holds LG’s performance this year.

Yoo Kang-nam became the starting catcher at a relatively early age and received the ball from LG pitchers for a long time. Park Dong-won is still unfamiliar with LG pitchers. This difference is clear. Coach Park also admitted that “it takes time to adapt.” However, Park Dong-won’s sincerity raised his thumb and said he was less worried. Coach Park said, “They didn’t cheat and worked hard. When the pitchers are pitching in the bullpen, they fall out and catch the ball,” he explained.

In order for LG to challenge for the presidency again this year, Park Dong-won must fill the vacancy of Yoo Gang-nam or do more. 안전놀이터 This is why Park Dong-won can lead to power loss if he cannot properly fill the void of Yoo Gang-nam. However, coach Park is not too worried. I am confident that a catcher as good as Yoo Kang-nam has joined.

Coach Park said, “Catching, blocking, and throwing are all catchers that are as good as Yoo Kang-nam. Rather, he thinks that there are better things in some areas,” he assured, saying, “Since the pitchers are good, I think Park Dong-won will personally feel more comfortable,” expecting a smooth adaptation.

Park Dong-won is also melting into the team as the camp goes by. The players also treat Park Dong-won as if they have been together for a long time. Even during the team’s training on the 6th (Korean time), the voices of the players playfully calling Park Dong-won resonated across the Arizona sky. I have the skills I have, and the adaptation is going smoothly. Attention is focusing on whether LG’s choice will prove correct.

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