Media’s Prospect “Coach Conte, this season seems to be his last at Tottenham”

It has been speculated that Antonio Conte is likely to leave Tottenham Hotspur at the end of the season .

Italy ‘s ‘ Sky Sports ‘ said on the 22nd ( local time ), ” It seems that this season will be the last time Conte spends at Tottenham. ” Conte ‘s contract expires this summer . Tottenham still has Conte ” I have not offered the manager a new contract, and Conte is constantly sending messages to Tottenham . “

Conte has been plagued with noise on and off the pitch lately . Due to his poor grades, rumors of his hardships arose , and to make matters worse , he is having a hard time because his acquaintances passed away one after another . Here, the atmosphere is depressed with 3 wins , 1 draw and 5 losses in the last 9 matches . He is on a two- game losing streak .메이저놀이터

Compared to when Conte took over as manager with great expectations, the temperature difference is clear . ‘ Sky Sports ‘ said, ” When Conte first joined Tottenham, the atmosphere was gone . It seems inevitable that Conte and Tottenham will move in a different direction . Since Conte’s family remains in Italy, family issues should also be considered. analyzed ” . _

It is a story that Conte is likely to consider leading the Italian team as his first option . It is constantly being argued that the Tottenham club is also looking for a new manager candidate to replace Conte .

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