Mason wants Tottenham official manager, “always ready”…fans reject

Coach Ryan Mason has expressed his will to become Tottenham manager.

Tottenham will play round 36 of the 2022-23 season English Premier League (EPL) with Aston Villa at Villa Park in Birmingham, England on the 13th at 11:00 pm (Korean time). Tottenham has 57 points (17 wins, 6 draws, 12 losses). 6th, Villa are 8th with 54 points (16 wins, 6 draws, 13 losses).

Tottenham is, in effect, stepping back from the race for fourth place. 7th place Brighton (55 points) played 2 games less than Tottenham, so 6th place is also not Tottenham’s place. In order to keep hopes up until the end of the season, 3 points against Villa are essential.

The final standings this season could also affect the appointment of a new manager. Tottenham are having trouble appointing a manager. Several candidates have been mentioned, including Mauricio Pochettino and Julian Nagelsmann, but all are rejecting Tottenham. If you can’t get a ticket to the European competition, it will be more difficult to recruit a manager.

In the midst of this, Coach Mason, who is acting as the manager, expressed his will to become a formal manager. Mason, who played for Tottenham in the past, served as an acting manager in 2021 as the successor to José Mourinho. 토스카지노 Afterwards, he worked with Tottenham as a coach and took charge of Tottenham again following coach Antonio Conte and coach Christian Stellini.

Under Mason’s acting system, Tottenham won 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss. There are still a lot of conceded points, but they are showing improved offensive power by finding ways to utilize Son Heung-min and Ivan Perisic.

Coach Mason expressed a positive intention to become a formal manager. According to European football transfer market expert Fabricio Romano, coach Mason said: “I am always ready. I think I can help Tottenham. I believe in the club,” he said honestly. However, Tottenham fans expressed opposition with reactions such as “I am not an official manager” and “We need a better manager.”

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