‘Lee Hyun-joong Rehabilitation Helper’ Dr. Kang Seong-woo “I hope you survive until the end and achieve the desired result”

Dr. Kang Seong-woo showed affection for Lee Hyun-joong.

On the 13th, a press conference was held at Hotel Peyto Gangnam, Seocho-gu, Seoul. There was a familiar man among the reporters. It was Dr. Kang Sung-woo, a performance improvement expert who helped rehabilitate Choi Jun-yong (SK), Jung Hyo-geun (Gas Corporation), and Yang Jun-seok (LG). Lee Hyun-joong, who underwent instep surgery in June of last year, also worked hard on rehabilitation with Dr. Kang Seong-woo until recently.

Dr. Kang Seong-woo said, “Now my physical condition is about 80% 온라인바카라. The remaining 20% ​​is not something that can be addressed here. He has to play against players of the same level and build up according to team tactics. If I go back to the US and fill it up, I think I will be perfectly prepared,” he said, conveying Lee Hyun-joong’s current physical condition.

As mentioned earlier, Dr. Kang Seong-woo is not just a rehabilitation trainer, but a performance improvement expert. Therefore, it is said that he made ceaseless efforts to compensate for Lee Hyun-joong’s physical weakness while recovering from his injury.

“The purpose of training itself was not to return to normal before being injured. He tried to fill more of his physical and defensive needs. I was always pressed for time, but I tried to make up for the parts that I hadn’t been able to fill in the meantime. Overall, I believe that a lot of things have been improved. I am confident in myself, so I am waiting for good results.” These are the words of Dr. Kang Seong-woo.

“I can use my lower body much better than before. Also, the balance has improved a lot, so even if there is a bump during the game, you can stably hit the tough shot. Currently, when I practice shooting, I shoot 30 in a row at once. The shot rhythm or release has become much faster and more concise,” he added. 

It is often said that rehabilitation requires pain and patience for athletes. Lee Hyeon-joong was also like that, but he was able to mentally overcome the trauma by training with Choi Jun-yong and Yang Jun-seok.

Dr. Kang Seong-woo said, “Rather than simply asking to improve mental strength, it made me feel that my physical condition could be better than before through training. And while going through rehabilitation with Choi Jun-yong and Yang Jun-seok, we became mutually reliant on each other. (Choi) Jun-yong was the first to return and showed good play, and (Yang) Jun-seok also joined the team after successfully rehabilitating. I think these things would have a synergistic effect with each other.”

Lee Hyun-joong will leave for the United States on the 15th and continue his challenge for the NBA. First of all, it is expected that he will aim for his official NBA contract after showing his true value in the NBA G League.

Dr. Kang Seong-woo said, “As he may have experienced while working out, he will encounter challenges he has never encountered before. Even if he collapses the way he does, he gets up like a zombie and hopes he finds a better way. That’s why I want to survive until the end and get the results we all want,” he said, conveying a word of support to Lee Hyun-joong.

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