Korea also has a ‘baseball card’ like the major leagues

Now, like the major leagues, ‘player cards’ are expected to spread in Korea.

This is because Ilguhoe (Chairman: Kwang-soo Kim, Secretary-General: Kyung-baek Koo), a professional baseball OB club, entered into a business partnership and licensing agreement with ‘Top Breaker’ (CEO: Seong-Hoon Kim), a company specializing in sports cards. ‘Topbreaker’ is a professional sports card company that made cards for women’s professional basketball players.

There are many ways for fans to enjoy sports, including baseball. You can step into the stadium and watch the players play with your eyes, ears, and body, or you can watch the game on TV. In addition, there are those who take pictures with the players or stadiums in the background, and those who are interested in collecting player autographs.

In that respect, although it is not yet popular in Korea, a method that is slowly developing is to collect sports cards. In the United States or Europe, where the sports industry has developed, collecting sports cards is a long-time fan’s enjoyment and one of the major pillars of the sports industry. In the United States, the annual sports card market is about 17 trillion won (as of 2019).

In particular, 슬롯사이트 rare cards whose production has been discontinued are being traded at high prices.

In response, Ilguhoe teamed up with Top Breaker in the sense of contributing to the industrialization of the KBO league and also expanding the things to enjoy for fans. Here in the KBO League, the moment a player takes off their uniform, they are forgotten. No matter how great a player may have been in the past, after retirement, the footsteps of the hero embroidered on the field fade as there are fewer opportunities for fans to come in contact with them. Even in terms of retracing its footsteps, the baseball card of a retired player is valuable.

First of all, Ilguhoe and Topbreaker will plan the ‘Jamsil Rival Series’ and present a limited edition of up to 50 cards of legends from LG and Doosan, including MBC, to the fans. Doosan’s legends Park Chul-soon and Kim Dong-joo, as well as LG’s Kim Jae-bak and Lee Sang-hoon, appear through baseball cards. Through this, it is expected to think about the past of the KBO League once again.

On the side of Ilguhoe, “Historian EH Carr said that history is a constant dialogue between the present and the past. As he said, I expect the baseball card of a retired player to play such a role in the KBO League.” He did not hide his expectations.

The next step has not been specifically planned yet, but we plan to gradually create and expand issues.

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