Kim Yu-seong “Acknowledges the facts of the victim’s claim and apologizes”… Victim “I will forgive”

Doosan Bears professional baseball player Kim Yu-seong, who was found to be the perpetrator of school violence and caused controversy, acknowledged the verbal abuse and secondary harm he had been denying and apologized to the victim.

In response, the victim’s side also expressed their position that they accept and forgive Kim Yoo-sung’s apology.

In an interview with SBS today (21st), Kim Yoo-seong said, “I acknowledge the verbal abuse and secondary harm that I have denied so far. Through conversations with the victim and former friends, I learned that I was verbally abusive at the time. We also apologize for the long-standing legal action against us.”

Kim Yoo-seong also added, “It is true that my family verbally abused the victim’s family after the school violence incident. The victim’s side has never spread false information. I have reflected on my past actions and sincerely apologized to the victim.” .

The victim’s side told SBS, “It’s late, but I’m glad I got an apology even now. I’ve suffered a lot in the meantime, but now I forgive Kim Yoo-sung. I hope that he will grow into an exemplary player without forgetting the heart of reflection like now.”

In 2017, when he was in his third year of middle school, Yuseong Kim assaulted a junior player by beating his chest in an elevator at a training ground.

Kim Yu-seong was first nominated for the NC Dinos, the club he is related to, in the professional baseball rookie draft held in August 2020. lost

The NC Dinos club withdrew its first nomination for Kim Yu-seong two days after the draft, and the Korea Baseball Softball Association imposed a one-year suspension on Kim Yu-seong.

Afterwards, Yuseong Kim tried to advance to the United States, entered Korea University in 2021, and was nominated again by the Doosan Bears in the 2nd round, 19th place in the rookie draft in September of last year.

Kim Yoo-seong has claimed through the media several times, 먹튀검증 “I acknowledge the fact of violence at the training ground, but there was no verbal violence as claimed by the victim. Unlike the victim’s claim, his family has never used abusive language against the victim.” I’ve had a conflict with the victim’s side.

In addition, immediately after the victim’s disclosure, after suing the victim’s parents for defamation, when the prosecution made a decision not to prosecute, he appealed, and when the prosecution dismissed it again, saying there was no reason, he applied for financial aid to the court again, but was rejected again.

Regarding the continued legal response against the victim for over a year, Yuseong Kim acknowledged that it was an inappropriate behavior that hurt the victim and apologized, saying, “I did not judge correctly at the advice of the people around me. As I am an adult, I should have prevented it more actively.” .

Kim Yu-seong, who said, “I sincerely thank the victim for forgiving me,” revealed a plan to continue taking the lead in eradicating school violence and volunteering in the future.

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