Kelly and Plutco’s combat power to fall baseball… Yeomgalyang’s conclusion, LG’s blueprint

“Each time, I threw 100 or more innings for more than 5 innings. Then, even if I took a little rest, I couldn’t use my strength in the postseason.”

LG is re-challenging to win the Korean Series after 29 years since 1994 by appointing coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop. The biggest variable and task is the mound. Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop analyzed the team after taking office last fall and found that the batting line is close to completion, so it depends on how the mound is filled.

On the LG mound, the Pilseung-gye Tujo led by Go Woo-seok, Lee Jeong-yong, and Jung Woo-young is the best in the league. The one-two punch of Casey Kelly and Adam Plutko is second to none. These are the key faces of starting pitchers and bullpens with good averages, consistently doing their part.

The problem is that director Yeom Kyung-yeop’s view is that the 3rd to 5th selection and long relief are. Director Yeom Gyeong-yeop said at the departure hall of Incheon International Airport on the 27th, “Kelly and Plutko always threw 100 or more innings for 5 or more innings.

In fact, Kelly and Plutko consistently played 27-28 games last season, and played 166.1 innings and 162 innings. The local 3rd to 5th selection was not completely, but Plutko couldn’t use its strength at all in the playoffs against Kiwoom. Manager Yeom believed that Kelly and Plutko had already used 100% of their strength in the pennant race and could not fully recover even if they took a short break at the end of the season. Manager Yeom’s view is that if he had only used 80-90% of his strength and rested, he would have pitched more overwhelmingly in the postseason.

In other words, it was diagnosed that the environment in which Kelly and Plutko had to use 100% of their strength in the pennant race fight was because the 3rd to 5th starters were weak. Director Yeom said, “I could have done it with the feeling of opening the season even if I had to use only 85-90% of my energy. In the end, if I analyze last year, it is important how the 3rd, 4th, and 5th picks support the 1st and 2nd picks.” .

Kim Yun-shik has been reborn as a key starting pitcher for the local team. However, director Yeom said, “I have never played full-time.” Means that the average is not certain. Coach Yeom has virtually nominated Lee Min-ho as the 4th starter, and the 5th pick will be decided after watching the competitiveness of candidates such as Kim Yu-young at the spring camp. In preparation for the worst, coach Yeom said, “We have to make at least 6 to 8 starts.” 토토사이트

In a similar sense, I saw that we should prepare a plan B for Long Relief and Successful Succession. Moreover, the Hangzhou Asian Games will be held at the end of September. There is a high possibility that the core of the LG mound will come out one after another. Coach Yeom said, “We are a team that becomes the lineup. When the starting lineup collapses, if Long Relief supports it, we can play a game that overcomes the 3-4 point gap in the second half of the game. Then again, Seungjo Pil can support Jung Woo-young, Lee Jeong-yong, and Ko Woo-seok. We need to find three bullpens.”

That’s why LG brings plenty of pitchers to Arizona. Sidearm Park Myung-geun was included as a rookie. Manager Yeom said, “We are a batting team now. If you hit long hits in the 7th and 8th batting order or have a good average, you can win a lot of comebacks. It is necessary,” he said. Director Yeom is trying to present a blueprint for the top with mound retooling in Arizona.

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