“I missed Korean ramen… ” 30 homers with ‘power of K-food’ beyond Puig? Overeating is prohibited

“I missed Korean ramen.”

The player who deserves the most attention in Kiwoom’s lineup this season is Edison Russell (29), who returned after 3 years. The 2016 World Series winning shortstop of the Chicago Cubs is just the past, and in 2020 he joined as a substitute foreign hitter for Taylor Motor, batting average of 0.254, 2 homers, 31 RBIs, and 22 points in 65 games.

The stability of the shortstop’s defense also declined as the game went on. Until Yasiel Puig went there, it was the most famous foreign player in Kiwoom in recent years, but it was only disappointing and withdrew. The relationship between Kiwoom and Russell seemed to be over.

It wasn’t. Kiwoom gave up on renewing his contract after Puig’s personal history became controversial after the 2022 season, and he took Russell’s hand again. In the meantime, Russell showed his growth in the Mexican League. Koh Hyeong-wook, general manager, judged that Russell’s body and skills had changed in Mexico. 토토사이트

In fact, Russell boasted a look reminiscent of Puig at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. While his upper and lower body muscles grew bigger than three years ago, his defense was stable. As his body grew, there were concerns that the agility of the defensive staff would decrease, but coach Hong Won-ki said, “There was nothing wrong at all.”

Rather, coach Hong finds it encouraging that Russell is with him from the beginning of the season, unlike three years ago, and is able to prepare for a dense season. Russell also said on the 3rd (Korean time), “This is my first KBO spring camp. It’s good to have more time to communicate and spend time with the players from the beginning.”

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