Honorable guests Lee Hae-ran Lee and Kim Yoo-seon

A welcome guest came to the honor. The main characters are Lee Hae-ran and Kim Yoo-seon of Yongin Samsung Life Insurance.

On the 4th, the 48th Association Long National Men’s and Women’s Secondary Basketball Championship kicked off in Yeonggwang, Jeollanam-do. On the 9th, in the middle of the tournament, the preliminaries for high school girls were held at the Sportium Gymnasium. On this day, familiar faces in the spectators’ seats visited the venue.

Lee Hae-ran and Kim Yoo-seon of Samsung Life Insurance visited the stadium directly to support their juniors during the vacation period. The two players’ alma mater, Supia Girls’ High School, won 71-67 against Sookmyung Girls’ High School that day, and advanced to the final.

“I put the word ‘nong’ in basketball for a while, went on a trip, and did what I usually wanted to do. Now I’m going to start working out again. It was his first time traveling with someone other than his parents, so he was excited and had fun.”

Kim Yoo-sun said, “After LASIK surgery, I took a break for about a week and focused on my recovery. Afterwards, she plans to exercise at school with her juniors to take care of her body,” she said about her future plans.

Those who watched the juniors’ game directly fell into old thoughts for a while.

Lee Hae-ran said, “From the audience’s point of view, I thought, ‘Can I sit here?’ Even without us, our juniors are doing their part, so I am trustworthy and proud.”

Kim Yu-seon also said, “As a senior, watching the game is amazing and mixed feelings. It seems that he has a lot of skills. I still want to play with my juniors,” she laughed.

Group B, which Supia Girls’ High School belongs to, is called the group of death in the girls’ high school. This is because they were tied to the same group as Sookmyung Girls’ High School, which took part in the first competition of the season, and Bundang Business High School and Onyang Girls’ High School, which won prizes in the spring league competition. 온라인카지노

Lee Hae-ran and Kim Yoo-seon did not forget a word of support for the juniors who were in fierce competition for rankings.

Yuseon Kim instilled confidence in the juniors, saying, “My grades were good in the first tournament of the season, and I am still doing well, so if I don’t give up and be confident, I think there is nothing I can’t do (even winning).” If you do it well, you will do well enough. If you don’t be nervous and relax, you will be able to achieve good grades.”

Meanwhile, Supia Girls’ High School will play its final match against Onyang Girls’ High School on the 10th.

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