Gwangju uniform sold out in one day, popularity growing as well as performance

Gwangju FC won the K-League 2 championship in the 2022 season and promoted after a year, and is about to return to the K-League 1. Unlike before, it is supported by many fans, and the sales of uniforms are telling.

On the 13th, Gwangju released a new uniform to be worn in the 2023 season, The CLAW, along with the catchphrase ‘Yellow Spirit’, which means to show Gwangju’s unique fighting spirit.

Along with the release of the uniform, 100 sets were sold first through the first pre-order. The reaction was unexpected. It sold out completely in one day.

The sold-out uniforms in Gwangju are thanks to the ever-evolving design as well as the high interest from the team’s performance that has changed from the previous one.

Gwangju has inserted the claw marks of Jujak, the symbol of Gwangju, in the form of scratches on the shoulder of the home uniform based on yellow, the traditional home color. The design expresses the determination to play sharp and powerful offensive soccer like claws. Fans’ wallets could not be opened.

Same goes for the away kit. The white color was used to make the toenails simple and neat, and the yellow and red colors were mixed to add sophistication and luxury.

Also, gender played a part. Gwangju captivated fans with overwhelming K-League 2 championship results last season and hot attacking football. 보증놀이터

The discovery of stars further fueled the fire. Head coach Lee Jeong-hyo’s unconventional tactics and leadership, as well as Um Ji-seong, who has been reborn as Korea’s next-generation prospect beyond Gwangju, and Lee Soon-min, who stands tall as the best midfielder in the K-League 2 from unknown and sidelined hip-hop musicians, have attracted fans.

In the end, a uniform design that was more refined than before and was tinged with the color of Gwangju was added. Gwangju is also slowly taking a step forward as a popular team.

Gwangju will begin the second sale of new season uniforms from the 22nd. Thanks to the support of the first sold out, we plan to prepare more quantities. Driven by this momentum, on March 5th, FC Seoul and Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 Round 2 home opener will aim for victory with many home spectators.

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