Five conditions for shooting that increase the goal success rate

Width 7m32cm, height 2m44cm, goal post (including crossbar) diameter 12cm.
It is none other than the standard of the goal. These standards are objectively wide and high. However, in a game where both teams are competing with 11 players each, it is difficult to find gaps in the goal. In particular, in a situation where a player in a special position called the goalkeeper is located in the goal, the goal is narrow. However, since the goal gate exists for scoring, there are times when even such a narrow and tight goal gate is ultimately useless. Soccer can only enjoy the charm and thrill when this kind of goal becomes useless, and players can feel the greatest joy.

Therefore, throughout the 90-minute game, the player uses individual, partial, and team tactics and strategies to play, and unfolds an all-out war to score. Even so, he has to put in a lot of effort to achieve the final goal of scoring. In fact, even with a wide and high goal, the space where the goalkeeper would have spread his arms and lifted them up becomes even narrower. Even that, when the goalkeeper’s reaction to the ball is added, scoring is as difficult and difficult as ‘finding a needle in the desert’. However, scoring can be easy if you try only shooting that meets the conditions necessary for scoring here.

It is, first of all, a strong and accurate shot, as well as a shot that steals the goalkeeper’s predictability and timing. The most effective way to shoot like this is the header shot. A header shot is more likely to score than any other part of the body. The reason is that it is difficult for the goalkeeper to predict the direction by judgment and also to catch the timing. Therefore, in the attacking play of soccer, the use of crosses is effectively accepted on both sides. Scoring is not the exclusive property of the forward striker.

Therefore, it is the result of universal validity given to anyone in terms of position. However, the ability to score is accompanied by the condition that it must be innate rather than acquired effort. In other words, you must have a sense for the ball to score, as well as ball control ability, judgment, positioning, calmness, and clear eyes. Sensation makes it possible to control strength and strength along with accuracy when shooting, and control ability allows you to try shooting with quick timing along with the agility of the second action. On the one hand, judgment provides an advantage in shooting according to the body part and method, and on the other hand, composure provides a margin so that the scoring success rate can be increased.

Lastly, clear eyes are required not only to understand the surrounding situation, but also to double the strength of the ball due to impact during ball impact. However, the condition for this series of points is that it is not easy to improve accuracy despite many hours of practice and training. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that shooting for scoring among many skills in soccer belongs to a high level of difficulty. This is because shooting is accompanied by a psychological aspect, and the execution of motion by ball movement as well as hands and other body parts with poor senses are not the same.

In addition, the reason why accuracy cannot be guaranteed is that the shooting method according to the distance, angle, ball position, and speed change is different and the situation is not the same. It is difficult and difficult to shoot to score as much as this. Here are the most basic things about shooting. That is to say, ‘take the shot in the mood of passing’. If you do not keep this in mind and are only conscious of strong shooting, inaccuracy will be multiplied and you will be far from scoring. The trend in modern soccer defense is pressing.

Therefore, more concentration is required from the player when shooting. In addition, the goalkeeper and defense player’s ability improvement is remarkable, and without securing superiority in proportion to it, ultimately, the player and team cannot succeed in scoring the goal they are aiming for. On the other hand, individual tactics are important for scoring, but the understanding of team partial tactics must also be excellent. Soccer is a series of competitions for space and time. In this situation, you have to be diligent on the one hand to use a satisfactory shooting to score. 메이저사이트

Clearly, no matter how much repetitive practice and training is conducted for shooting to score, the player himself cannot feel the sense of accomplishment by improving unlike other skills, so practice and training may be neglected and the awareness of the importance may also decrease. In the end, because of this, shooting practice and training are simple, and inaccurate shooting at the crucial moment for scoring in the game does not bring any help to the player and the team. Football is a sport of mistakes. So shooting inaccuracy is just one part of the play.

However, if the inaccuracy of shooting is continuously abused, it is incompetence of shooting technique. Therefore, players should clearly recognize the importance of shooting and should not neglect practice and training so that they can help themselves and their team by shooting for goals with a comfortable mind under any circumstances. At this time, practice and training are not simple, but it is necessary to combine individual and partial tactical shooting training considering the game situation. The award of the ‘scoring award’ is a reward and punishment of universal validity given to all players. If so, it is necessary for the player to accelerate the challenge so that he can win the most honorable ‘scoring award’ through continuous shooting practice, training and image training.

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