‘Fireshow’ Defense more than 5 goals by attackers! A heartwarming smile from director Seol Ki-hyun

5-0. There is no coach who would not like this score, which is not usually a big win. Gyeongnam FC coach Seol Gi-hyeon, who defeated the Jeonnam Dragons with this score in the enemy area, did the same. However, he was more delighted with a clean sheet than a mass score. There is a reason.

Gyeongnam, led by coach Seol, won 5-0 against Jeonnam in the second round of the Hana 1 Q K League 2 2023 at the Gwangyang Soccer Stadium at 4:00 pm on the 5th. Thanks to the even scores of key players such as Ki-Jong Won, who scored multiple goals, as well as Glayson, Jae-Hwan Park, and Castro, Gyeongnam beat Jeonnam significantly in enemy territory and vomited their spirit by winning two consecutive victories after the opening of the season.

As you can see from the score written on the scoreboard, it was a perfect victory for Gyeongnam. The newly formed attacking team flew wildly, and the match plan, which quickly widened the score with a replacement card in the middle of the second half, followed by an uneasy 1-0 lead, was also properly hit. Gyeongnam’s new ace Won Ki-jong quickly emerged as the best star in the team, and Glayson and Castro proved in this match that they have the ability to erase the regrettable shadows left by Thiago and Willian last year.

From the position of coach Seol, who trained together all winter, it can be said that it was a hot force show by the attacking team that had no choice but to feel good. However, what made Seol more happy was not the number 5, but the result of 0, that is, no goals. 

Coach Seol said, “I’m glad I’m doing a great job in the attacking line,” but said, “But what I’ve been thinking about is defense.” There is a reason for this. Coach Seol said, “It’s because we always conceded even if we won. I like the situation in which I didn’t concede more. I think about how I can avoid conceding. will be able to,” he said.

Coach Seol had this idea because of the results of last year’s game. Seol’s Gyeongnam team recorded only 7 clean sheets out of a total of 42 matches. Thanks to a fairly decent attacking team, we were able to score in almost every game, but because of the uneasy defense, we had difficulty managing points as we continued to give up runs comparable to scoring.  스포츠토토

In addition, such mass scoring victories have been experienced occasionally, but not infrequently. Last year, they also won 6-1 against Gimpo FC and 4-1 against Gwangju FC. Coach Seol said, “I was happy with the big win, but there was also a bit of regret in a corner of my heart.”

But this year is different. This year, as soon as the season started, he made two consecutive clean sheets. For reference, this is the first successful two-game scoreless victory since the two consecutive matches against Sangmu Kimcheon and Busan I-Park in the 2021 season. In the position of coach Seol, who put a lot of effort into strengthening the defense of the backyard during winter training, it is impossible not to be happy that he won two consecutive victories without conceding thanks to the defense that began to show its strength after the season began. It will be very important for Gyeongnam to continue the current pace, which shows both his fierce offense and solid defense.

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