Dodgers who left Lux, ‘starter Lojas-backup Taylor’ shortstop plan

Taylor again plays shortstop., the official homepage of Major League Baseball, announced on March 2 (Korean time) that Chris Taylor of the Los Angeles Dodgers will play shortstop again.

For the Dodgers, Gavin Lux, who was supposed to be their starting shortstop, suffered a torn ligament in his knee and was out for the season. A new starting shortstop was needed.

Taylor isn’t going to be the starting shortstop. The Dodgers plan to assign veteran Miguel Rojas, who reunited this offseason, as their starting shortstop. 베팅룸 토토 Taylor will spend a lot of time in the outfield, but will also serve as a backup shortstop behind Rojas.

Taylor, who made his big league debut as a shortstop for the Seattle Mariners in 2014, played several positions after joining the Dodgers in the 2016 season. He played an active role as a’super utility’ by playing all outfield positions, second base, and third base, and being put into all fielder positions except for first baseman and catcher.

Until the 2021 season, he also served as a backup shortstop, but last year he spent almost the entire season in left field and second base. He played only one inning at shortstop. Taylor, who seemed to be gradually moving away from shortstop, took over the shortstop role again when the team needed an emergency.

According to, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts expressed his belief that “we are happy with Taylor.” Taylor also expressed confidence, saying, “It feels good. He thinks it will work out.”

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