Director Kim Eun-joong’s “Sober Warning”… “Asian Cup members, don’t let go”

This is a warning message from coach Kim Eun-joong (44), who is preparing for the U-20 World Cup, to the U-20 Asian Cup members. This means that participation in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) U-20 Asian Cup in March will not necessarily lead to the final entry for the U-20 World Cup.

Coach Kim Eun-joong met with reporters ahead of the final domestic training for the U-20 World Cup held at the Paju National Football Team Training Center (NFC) on the 1st and said, “At this time, 80-90% of the entries can be seen as complete.” However, players who are not ready will not be able to go to the World Cup even if they have previously competed in the Asian Cup.”

As the U-20 World Cup, which opens in Argentina this month, will be held two months after the AFC U-20 Asian Cup in March, there is a high possibility that the composition of the national team will not change significantly. However, coach Kim Eun-joong delivered a warning message to the squad that players who did not develop properly after the Asian Cup would not be able to accompany the team to the World Cup.

In fact, coach Kim Eun-jung called as many as 11 new faces during the two training sessions after the Asian Cup and put them to the test. Among them are European players such as Cho Jin-ho (Fenerbahce) and Lee Ji-han (Freiburg), who failed to be recruited even after coach Kim wanted to call them several times. Coach Kim is said to have contacted his team on a business trip to Europe to ask for their cooperation in order to get permission to borrow them. Lee Hyeon-joo (Bayern Munich), who is also steadily promoting recruitment, is also a new resource to add to the national team. 먹튀검증

Not only them, but those who unfortunately missed the opportunity in the final entry competition of the last Asian Cup or who were newly called by coach Kim Eun-joong are all sweating, dreaming of participating in the World Cup. This is the background of coach Kim’s warning to some members of the Asian Cup, who are believed to be participating in the World Cup.

He said, “I watched how the players prepare after returning to their teams and how they try to fill in their shortcomings. I hope that players who have been to the Asian Cup should not let go of tension.”

Coach Kim Eun-joong expects that the competitiveness of the national team will eventually grow if the Asian Cup members do not lose their concentration and the new candidates show their competitiveness. He said, “I hope that the worries about some positions will change to ‘happy worries’. All players are well-prepared, so I hope you will have a hard time choosing the final entry.” The final entry for the U-20 World Cup (21 players) will be announced on the 5th.

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