Director Kim Do-wan smiled at the recruitment of Kim Jong-un, “If you think you are a playing coach”

A smile was on the face of manager Kim Do-wan, who confirmed the recruitment of Kim Jong-un.

On the 20th, Bucheon HanawonQ officially announced the news of recruiting FA (free agent) Kim Jong-un through official social media. His contract period is 2 years, and it is a condition of a total of 250 million won (annual salary of 200 million won, an allowance of 50 million won).

It was director Kim Do-wan who welcomed the recruitment of Kim Jong-un more than anyone else. Coach Kim Do-wan, who took the helm of Hana 1Q last year, suffered bitterly in his first season as the team stayed at the bottom. However, with the addition of veteran Kim Jong-un in the new season, several positive effects can be expected.

Coach Do-Wan Kim, whom we met on the 20th at the Hanawon Q Cheongna Gymnasium, said, “I signed a contract last Sunday (16th). Daejeon Hana Citizen Soccer Team, which was promoted to the first division this year, is creating a sensation by recruiting veteran players. So I and the club agreed that we needed a player who would be the pivot. With the arrival of (Kim) Jeong-Eun, I think that (Shin) Ji-Hyun and (Yang) In-Young can grow even more.”

Hana 1 Q had a lot of concerns about the forward position. It was also pointed out as a problem that there is no clear center other than Yang In-young. Kim Jong-un has the advantage of being able to digest all of his inner and outer areas. With the arrival of Kim Jong-un, Yang In-yeong’s burden can be relieved, and it is expected that more chances will be created from the outskirts.

“I think the playing time is about 20-25 minutes. Wasn’t our team weak in the forward position? Last season, (Kim) Ye-jin endured, but it was not easy. Jung Eun-i and In-young will go back and forth between the high and low posts and create good synergy. Also, if the defense is crowded, there can be many chances from the outside. I definitely expect more strength on the court.” These are the words of director Kim Do-wan.

Another positive effect is the role of a team leader. Hana 1 Q is in the process of rebuilding with young players as the main focus. However, since there are no veterans, there were many times when he was shaken in a crisis situation or was particularly weak in the game. If experienced Kim Jong-un holds the center of the team, it seems that the players will receive help in the mental aspect as well. 스포츠토토

Regarding this, manager Kim Do-wan said, “I want him to think that he is a playing coach. Whether you’re playing or not, just being by your side at all times will help. He is definitely a player who can fill the gaps in our team. If the atmosphere changes with Jung Eun-i joining, it can naturally become a team that other players want to come to,” he said without hiding his expectations.

Kim Jong-un, who played until the championship match last season, is currently on vacation. He will join Hana 1Q on May 8th and start Taebaek field training from May 15th.

Coach Kim Do-wan said, “The coaches expressed their opinion that it would be nice if Jeong-eun went to Taebaek together even if he didn’t train. He thinks it will be a time where he can get close to the players. Isn’t he a very good player? He said he would join on May 8th, so I told him to do it.” 

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