Did you come to see Minjae Kim? ‘KIM highly praised’ Cannavaro brothers, ‘intuition’ topic against Napoli

The Cannavaro brothers, who fell in love with the ‘Iron Pillar’ Kim Min-jae, visited Naples’ home stadium and ‘intuitively’.

Italy’s Serie A official SNS posted on the 12th the two brothers, Fabio Cannavaro and Paolo Cannavaro, visiting the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium in Naples, Italy where the Napoli-Atalanta match was held and watching together. 나르샤 토토

It is impressive to see both of them wearing hats and sitting together smiling.

The Cannavaro brothers, born and raised in Naples, are also indispensable in the history of the club. His younger brother Paolo, born in 1981, played 280 matches in Serie A and Serie B for Napoli on two separate occasions, 1998–1999 and 2006–2014.

He played as a center back, but it is no exaggeration to say that he is a legend in the history of the Napoli club.

His older brother, Fabio, born in 1973, is one of the best central defenders in world football history that needs no explanation. He played 136 matches for the Italian national team and lifted the 2006 World Cup trophy in Germany as captain.

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