Destroyed the winning team with foot baseball… It’s not ‘Spring Day’. this year is real

The club’s pride is at stake in the ‘Distribution Derby’. The first game was a complete victory for the Lotte Giants. It was not just a win obtained by luck, but a win that Lotte won earlier in detail. Lotte this year is real.

Lotte won 7-5 in a confrontation with SSG Landers for the first place. The game was Lotte’s flow from the beginning. Starting pitcher Park Se-woong’s 6 innings and 1 run were also outstanding, but the ball that cleverly shook the opponent’s battery stood out.

Lotte showed active baseball from the first inning on this day. In the bottom of the first inning, when lead batter Kim Min-seok walked on base, he continued to look for gaps in the opponent. It was an attempt to make full use of the fact that the opposing starting pitcher was underhand Park Jong-hoon. In the end, during the match against the next hitter Ahn Kwon-soo, Kim Min-seok continued to take a large stride and succeeded in stealing the second base completely stealing the pitcher’s timing. Catcher Kim Min-sik had no time to throw the ball to second base. In the end, in the next situation, a wild fight came out, sending runners out in scoring position, and Lotte showed a team play to score first with a ground ball.

Since then, it has been actively running. The peak was in the bottom of the 6th inning. Lotte had a 3-1 lead, but needed an extra point to enter the stable zone. In the bottom of the 6th inning, the runners double steal came out from the 1st and 3rd base chances. While Ji Ji-wan struck out on a swing, the runners on 1st and 3rd successfully stole the base, stealing the timing perfectly. The runner on first base ran first, and the runner on third base, who had been halfway out, came all the way to the home runner, taking advantage of the gap Min-sik Kim threw to second base. This is the moment when the flow of SSG completely collapsed. SSG failed to cover its weaknesses and was virtually defeated by Lotte. It is regrettable that Lotte also failed to finish the game cleanly in the ninth inning and allowed Choi Jeong a 3-run home run, and then ended up using Kim Won-joong as the finisher, but after concentrating throughout the game, they won the game completely. 메이저놀이터

It’s a very meaningful victory. By winning that day, Lotte pushed out SSG and regained first place. Last year, he was the ‘defending champion’ and perfectly succeeded in overpowering the baseline in a head-to-head match with a ranking competitor.

Lotte, which ranked first among 10 clubs with a monthly team record of 14 wins and 8 losses last April, is not losing its momentum in May. The team’s record for May is 8 wins and 4 losses.

If you look at Lotte’s recent performance, you can see that the current performance is not simply a passing wind. In the past, it was nicknamed ‘Bomde’ as a mockery of making good grades only at the beginning of the season, but Lotte this year is definitely different. The entire team is showing solid baseball in every game with strong cohesion. Lotte’s turmoil is also causing a turmoil in the top ranking competition.

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