Daejeon Hana Citizen recruits Jeonnam striker Jung Woo-bin… Traded with No Gun-woo

Daejeon Hana Citizen acquired striker Jung Woo-bin from the Jeonnam Dragons through a trade with striker No Gun-woo.

Taesung High School – Jeong Woo-bin, a graduate of Chung-Ang University, stepped on the professional stage with the Jeonnam Dragons in 2022 and played in 5 games last year. Although he is left-footed, he is good at using both feet and is expected to be active on both sides. 메이저사이트

Daejeon has built a thicker squad by recruiting a large number of new players with potential and potential ahead of the 2023 season. With the joining of prospect Jung Woo-bin, they have a wider range of U22 resources.

Jung Woo-bin said, “It is a special feeling to take on a new challenge on the K-League 1 stage through Daejeon Hana Citizen. I was very impressed with the last game in Daejeon, and I will do my best to learn the strengths of my seniors and colleagues so that I can be a part of the team.”

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