Controversy over Moriyasu’s retention in Japan, former CEO “You got Germany and Spain!”

A former player from the national team gave strength to the current manager over the controversy over the appointment of the Japanese soccer team’s manager.

Japan advanced to the round of 16 at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Although they lost to Croatia and failed to advance to the quarterfinals, they caused a stir in the group stage by beating favorites Germany and Spain. Accordingly, the Japan Football Association decided to retain Hajime Moriyasu, who led the team to the round of 16. However, there was considerable resistance from local public opinion.

Coach Moriyasu pursued practicality in this World Cup, abandoning Japan’s unique pass play-oriented color. As a result, despite advancing to the round of 16 by defeating Germany and Spain, there were not a few aftereffects, such as reports of infighting within the team.

It turned out that there was a conflict of opinion between the players who had to maintain the existing Japanese color and the players who had to give up the existing tactics to get results, and there were even reports that some veteran players were at the center and rebelled.

For this reason, there are not a few voices of concern since Moriyasu’s decision to stay. However, the senior from the national team emphasized the need for support for coach Moriyasu and unity through this.

On the 8th, Marcus Tullio Tanaka, 토토사이트 a former member of the Japanese national team, said in a YouTube program he runs, “It is the right decision to retain coach Moriyasu.”

“Anyway, the results were good at the World Cup. We defeated Germany and Spain and advanced to the round of 16 in the group of death.” He highly praised coach Moriyasu, who advanced to the round of 16 with practical soccer, although he abandoned his original Japanese color.

However, “Due to Coach Moriyas’ simple player management, we lost to Croatia in the round of 16. It wasn’t good for four years of preparation. Against Germany and Spain, there was nothing strange about conceding a few goals in the first half.”

In particular, regarding public opinion that it was necessary to appoint a foreign coach instead of Moriyasu, “It is difficult to find in Japan now. We need to bring in a coach for the World Cup results, but if that’s the case, the Argentine coach who won this time can be an example. Does the director know Japanese culture? not. No idea. It would be nice if someone had experience in the J-League, but I cannot agree to bring in a manager who has no J-League experience, no knowledge of Japanese culture, and has never been to Japan.”

If you had to appoint a foreign coach, Yokohama F. He emphasized that he must have experience in Japan, citing current Celtic coach Angie Postecoglu, who was coach of Marinos, as an example. Tullio said, “It is more important how well you know Japanese culture and football than a foreign coach’s nationality or name value.”

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