Cho Gyu-seong returns to Jeonbuk, preparing for the match against Suwon FC

Finally, after a long wait, Kyu-Sung Cho is back. In Jeonbuk, which is in a tough battle for ranking, it is literally a ‘thousand army and a thousand horses’ returning.

Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors will play the 14th round of the 2023 K League 1 against Suwon FC at the Jeonju World Cup Stadium at 7:00 pm on the 21st. Jeonbuk succeeded in rebounding the atmosphere by recording the first three consecutive undefeated games of the season by drawing against Incheon in the 13th round last weekend.

In this game, Cho Kyu-seong, who had not been able to play due to injury, is expected to play for the first time in about two months, and key players such as Kim Jin-soo and Kim Moon-hwan will return from injuries to help Jeonbuk’s 4-game undefeated streak and their first home win in 43 days. seems to be

Jeonbuk met Suwon FC a total of 11 times in the league and achieved a record of 5 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses.

In addition, Jeonbuk’s acting coach Kim Doo-hyun took the baton at his home, Jeonjuseong, as acting manager 3642 days (9 years, 11 months, 20 days) after former physical coach Fabio.

Acting coach Kim Doo-hyun said, “What is more important than an undefeated streak is victory.”

In this game, which returns to Jeonju after 23 days, a variety of home game events are scheduled to be held. 안전놀이터

Specially produced tickets are used to commemorate Han Kyo-won’s 300 K-League appearances, and a badge commemorating Han Kyo-won’s 300 matches is presented to the first 3,000 spectators to enter. In addition, a tablet PC and air wrap lottery prepared by Kim Jin-soo will be held at half time, and bicycle gifts for children will be held before the game begins.

In addition, ahead of this game, a refurbished MD shop (Chorokine) in the stadium will be expanded and opened on the east side, and a self-studio and photo card zone will be newly opened next to the store. Subsequently, on this match designated as ‘Chonbuk National University Day’, a performance by Chonbuk National University student clubs will be held next to the E1 gate before the game, and Chonbuk National University President Oh-Bong Yang and President of the Student Council will celebrate.

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