Casemiro is persuading…Neymar in ‘loan’ talks with Man United

Neymar is in talks with Manchester United.

The news was quite shocking. Neymar is in talks with Manchester United. According to French outlet L’Equipe, “Talks between Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) are ongoing over a potential move for Neymar. Casemiro is trying to convince Neymar to come to United. The deal would be on loan and United would pay Neymar’s entire weekly wage.”

He once knocked on the door of the world. He is the successor to Ronaldinho, a player with spectacular individual skills, and watching him play is a thing of beauty. He became a superstar at a young age by making an impact with his fluid movements that could not be broken without fouls.

His best years were at Barcelona. From 2013 to 2017, he formed the “MSN Line” with Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez and dominated Europe. In four seasons, he amassed a monster stat line of 105 goals and 76 assists in 186 games, while lifting countless trophies including the league, Copa del Rey, UEFA Champions League, and UCL.

He then headed to PSG, in what was described as the ‘transfer of the century’, with a transfer fee of nearly 300 billion won. PSG later added Kylian Mbappe to the mix, creating a “one-two punch” for the club’s long-sought-after Big Year.

But PSG failed to realize their dream. It’s not that Neymar hasn’t been good – he’s scored 118 goals and provided 77 assists in 173 career appearances – but he hasn’t helped the team in the long run, missing time with injuries at key moments. 토토사이트 With each failed UCL challenge, fans have found a place to vent their anger, and Neymar has been the target.

This season was no different. Amidst the recent drama surrounding Messi’s trip to Saudi Arabia and the club’s subsequent two-week suspension, PSG fans’ anger exploded. “PSG fans chanted for Neymar to leave outside his home,” the British publication The Guardian reported. The club condemned the behavior. Fans demanded Boardzin’s resignation in front of the club’s offices and pointed the finger of blame at Neymar as well.”

In this situation, transfer rumors have been sparked. We can’t confirm the possibility. It’s unlikely to cost much, but Neymar is on a huge weekly wage. From United’s point of view, they need to be objective about the need to keep Neymar, even with his astronomical wages.

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