Broadcaster close to Ronaldo, sparked the ‘Beckham controversy’… “Overrated player with stupid hair”

Piers Morgan, widely known as a ‘pro-Ronaldo’ broadcaster, caused a ‘Beckham controversy’. He argued that British football icon David Beckham was overrated.

The British media ‘Mirror’ said on the 22nd (Korean time), ‘Morgan and Manchester United’s number 7 is close to a love-hate relationship’ and said that Morgan rated Beckham very low.

Morgan mentioned American football (NFL) star Odell Beckham Jr. through social media in the past and drew attention by saying, “I’m glad to see Beckham playing football for real.” To the British, Beckham is David Beckham. It is a colossal provocation that Beckham played fake football. 온라인바카라

British legend striker Gary Lineker reacted here.

“You might hate him for whatever reason, but David Beckham was a great player. He’s one of the best players,” Lineker responded.

Then Morgan laughed, saying, “Beckham is the most overrated player in history. He would not have been on the bench in Arsenal’s undefeated winning squad.

Lineker won six Premier League titles, two FA Cups, one Champions League title, one La Liga title, one Ligue 1 title, runner-up at the Ballon d’Or, 115 appearances for England, 59 as captain, football He’s one of the best crossers in history. Yes, that’s overrated,” mocking Morgan.

“Aside from crosses and free kicks, he won because he had really good players around him,” Morgan said.

The Mirror wrote, ‘There may be arguments between Lineker and Morgan, but there is no doubt in the estimation of the man who knows best, Sir Alex Ferguson. He led Beckham 394 times and won almost all of them,’ he brought the opinion of an authority.

The Mirror said: ‘Ferguson has been asked to pick Manchester United’s All-Time Best XI. He struggled in some positions, but Beckham’s place was safe. This means that Ferguson sided with Lineker.

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