Both transfer fees and salaries are unconventional…Man Utd prepares an ‘unrejectable offer’ to KIM

Manchester United is considering an unconventional proposal for Kim Min-jae.

Italian media ‘Il Martino’ said on the 17th (Korean time), “Man Utd has already decided to pay the buyout amount to Kim Min-jae, and will offer 9 million euros (about 13 billion won), four times the previous player’s annual salary. “he said.

Kim Min-jae has definitely performed like the best defender in Serie A this season. Kim Min-jae, who fully demonstrated his strengths, such as his natural physical and defensive power, quick feet and wide coverage, led Napoli to their first league championship in 33 years in the first season after his transfer. He was also nominated for the Serie A Team of the Year this season.

As Kim Min-jae’s performance continued, Manchester United approached him. Man Utd constantly observed Kim Min-jae and wanted to recruit him. French media ‘Foot Mercato’ said, “Negotiations between Kim Min-jae’s aide and Manchester United took place a few weeks ago. Manchester United said they could pay Kim Min-jae a hefty salary. When Kim Min-jae joins Manchester United, he will be paid at the level of a striker,” he added.

And recently, rumors of a transfer to Manchester United have rapidly developed. On the 15th, ‘Il Martino’ said, “Kim Min-jae has agreed to the transfer to Manchester United. Negotiations are now in a state of detailed coordination.” persuaded him,” he said.

The reason why Manchester United is confidently persuading Kim Min-jae is because of the relatively low buyout price. Kim Min-jae has a valid buyout amount limited to overseas clubs this summer, and according to the British media ‘Daily Mail’, 안전놀이터 it is about 40 million pounds (approximately 66.7 billion won). However, Manchester United has expressed its will to defeat rival teams by offering 53 million pounds (approximately 88.4 billion won) beyond this.

Man Utd is also planning to pay a huge salary to Kim Min-jae along with an unconventional transfer fee proposal. If the transfer fee is necessary to gain an advantage in negotiations with the Napoli club, the salary is paid directly to the player, so it is more effective to change the mind of the player.

According to ‘Il Martino’, Man United is said to be planning to pay more than the buyout amount, as well as raise the salary by about four times. Kim Min-jae’s Man Utah has not yet entered a meaningful negotiation stage, but it is highly likely that negotiations will progress in earnest next month when the season ends.

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