Blocking the bus twice → Cheering boycott, the bitter present of Suwon Samsung, a ‘traditional prestigious’

‘Suwon has always refused to be third-rate’, ‘The front that hides behind the team for several years’… .

The home ground of Suwon Samsung, a ‘traditional prestigious’, is full of anger from fans. Suwon Samsung, led by coach Lee Byeong-geun, recorded 2 draws and 3 losses (2 points) in the opening 5 games of ‘Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023’. It stays at 11th. Fans conveyed the angry public sentiment as it was. Suwon FC and Daejeon Hana Citizen held a protest against ‘blocking the bus’ in the 3rd and 4th rounds. In the 5th round match against Gangwon FC, he declared a ‘cheering boycott’.

Suwon has been going through a rough time in recent years. He finished 6 → 8 → 8 → 6 → 10th in the K-League in the previous five seasons. In particular, last year, for the first time since its foundation, it fell into the abyss of the promotion and relegation playoffs (PO). After a fierce survival game, he managed to remain on the K-League 1 stage. Suwon is aiming for’recovery of honor’ in 2023. Off-season, Basani, Mulich, and Akosti were recruited to turn the atmosphere around. However, the early race is not easy.

The fans’ anger is directed at the club. Fans put up a huge criticism against Gangwon. ‘Fronts, coaches and players without ambition, get out of here immediately. Suwon has always refused to be third-rate,” “the front desk has been hiding behind the players for several years,” and “the front salary is the highest in the industry, and the management of the club is the lowest.” 토토사이트

Founded in 1995, Suwon has maintained its strong position by winning the K-League and the Korea Football Association (FA) Cup, and breaking 300 wins in the shortest period in the K-League (2012). The K-League’s first home game cumulative attendance exceeded 6 million (2012), and the Korea Sports Industry Award for Best Professional Sports Team (2015), etc. However, after the management of the club was transferred to Cheil Worldwide, the atmosphere changed. He showed a passive attitude toward investment such as recruiting players. In the meantime, the key players left the team. The justification is to advance to Europe, but it is not free from the evaluation that Suwon has become a ‘selling club’.

Coach Lee said, “As a coach, I am sorry to the fans. I had a promise with the fans that I would be responsible for the result. It was postponed to the next game in a situation where the result had to be produced. I am sorry. I will definitely show victory in the next game. I will reflect more on myself so that I can do it. I think there are still many games to play. I don’t mean to make the team bad. There are shortcomings, but I am putting my heads together with the players to improve. I am determined to bring the results the fans want. I think it’s my job to prepare without it.”

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