‘Bad X’, why did KB Stars players decide to become bad girls?

Cheongju KB Stars players ‘blackened’? On the 25th, printed slogans reminiscent of profanity appeared on the wall of the away locker room at the Yongin Gymnasium ahead of the away game against Samsung Life Insurance in Yongin. It was next to a whiteboard with the game plan of KB Stars coach Kim Wan-soo written on it. Looking at the printed material, I could see what the KB Stars players wanted to say at a glance.

In the upper left corner, there was a famous photo of Dennis Rodman, a ‘bad kid’ who dominated the NBA, running toward the crowd to catch a rebound ball during his days with the Chicago Bulls. Next to it is the phrase ‘KB is bad X’. And at the bottom of the printout, the resolution of KB Stars players is written. Park Ji-soo said, ‘I stay in the present. Therefore, I will be faithful to this moment. Whatever it is,’ he wrote. Kang Yi-seul said, ‘I will do it while keeping the basics.’

The highlight is Park Ji-eun’s determination. ‘I will work with the idea that if our team gets hit by one, they hit two.’ Indeed, it can be said that it is a resolution that fits perfectly with the slogan, ‘KB is bad X’.

The printout containing this determination was made voluntarily by the players. 바카라사이트 Coach Kim said, “Before every game, through a team meeting, the day’s resolution and slogans are decided. Today, it seems that ‘KB is a bad X’. I understand,” he explained. in other words,

Still, deep down, coach Kim seemed to like the rough determination of these players. This is because the players know how desperate they are to achieve their current goal. Coach Kim said, “The unconditional goal is to go to the playoffs in the quarterfinals. We have to do our best in every game. Each player is aware of it, and I have to prepare myself.” , I will play with the determination to win all 11 games. The same goes for the players.”

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