Audience crashes into bullpen during MLB game hospital transfer

A fan trying to catch a baseball at the US Major League (MLB) stadium fell into the bullpen and the game was stopped. The fan was immediately taken to the hospital. He sustained injuries but was reported to be not life threatening.

According to abc on the 6th (local time), the Major League (MLB) Philadelphia Phillies vs. Boston Red Sox game held at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA on the evening of the 5th was stopped due to a spectator crashing into the bullpen. The accident occurred shortly after the start of a game when a fan dressed in Philly uniforms fell from the outfield stands over a protective railing into the Boston bullpen.

The Philadelphia team said the fan was reaching over a railing to catch a ball he had thrown. He added that he was conscious and responsive (to medical staff) when he was taken from the ballpark to the hospital. The extent of the injury was not disclosed. Late in the game, a Philadelphia team employee was wiping blood off the concrete in the area where a fan had crashed.

Immediately after the start of the game, at the beginning of the first inning, Boston’s second batter Masataka Yoshida faced Philadelphia starting pitcher Jack Wheeler, and Philadelphia reliever Jose Alvarado came out of the bullpen to report the accident. Medical personnel visited the scene of the accident as Boston pitchers watched. The fan was carried by medical staff on a stretcher and transported to the Trauma Center at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. 먹튀검증

“We were all pretty nervous,” Boston reliever Josh Winkowski said. Boston relievers said they only relaxed after receiving a call saying the fan was conscious and responding to medical staff.

Pitchers from both teams are known to have moved from their seats closer to the fans after the accident.

After a delay of about 10 minutes, the game resumed. The game was won by Boston 5-3. Boston closer Kenley Jansen commented on the accident after the game, saying, “God helped and saved that man.”

Fans remained on the side of the outfield until late in the game, some on the side of the railing where the accident occurred. Some fans are wondering if the outfield will be banned from watching games after the accident.

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