Are you already preparing for the transfer of De Paul? Atlético plan to sign ‘second Modric’

Atletico Madrid has already started preparing for the vacancy of Rodrigo De Paul.

Spain’s ‘Todo Pichajes’ reported on the 22nd (Korean time) that “Atlético will recruit Mayer as a substitute if De Paul leaves.”

De Paul has become a world-class player through the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. He contributed to Argentina’s championship with his vigorous activity and ability to participate in the sparkling attack.

Love calls poured in for his outstanding performance. Italian Serie A big clubs such as Juventus, AC Milan, and Inter Milan actively jumped in to sign De Paul. 토토사이트

The chances of a winter transfer are slim. Atlético are fighting a tough fight for a top-four finish this season. It is predicted that de Paul’s transfer will not be allowed until the end of this season.

It seems that it will be difficult to prevent transfers in the coming summer. According to reports, Atlético is known to fill the void left by De Paul through the signing of Mayer in the summer transfer window.

Mayer has enough ability to fill the void of fouls. He is evaluated as the second Luka Modric as a central midfielder with a wide field of view and stable game management ability.

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